How to Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options Galaxy S20

USB Debugging is intended for development purposes and is sometimes used to copy data between a computer and a smartphone.

Android devices have a secret menu for developers, within settings, that allow for this connection to be made.

Below is a guide below to learn how to unlock Developer options and enable USB Debugging for a Galaxy S20.

How to Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options Galaxy S20

  1. Go to Settings (Gear Icon)
  2. Scroll down and select About Phone
  3. Click Software Information
  4. Tap on Build Number 7 Times
  5. A message will display Developer Mod Has Been Turned On
  6. Go back to the main settings page and below About Phone will be Developer Options.
  7. Make sure the Developer options is turned on, then scroll down find the USB Debugging option to turn on or off.
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  9. It will prompted, click OK to confirm.
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    USB Debugging allows for many advanced options and settings that a user can use for development purposes.

    Developers use it to so they can copy Apps/APKs to their Android devices to test and interact with it.

    For example, a new Build can be created in Android Studio and when it is time to test it USB Debugging can be used to copy to a smartphone for testing.

    Side-loading is also an option but much more time consuming and not as user friendly.

    A user can also send the root instructions to an Android device which allows modification of the Android device without any physical contact.

    Installing a ROM would can also be done.

    Do you use USB Debugging? Let us know your thoughts below.