How To Factory Reset or Hard Reset LG K40

Factory resetting the LG K40 will erase all old data including phone numbers and text messages.

This is often done before selling the phone but can also be done for any reason that needs the phone set back to the same as when purchased.

With the steps below you will learn how Factory Reset also called a Hard Reset on a LG K40 .

There is also a video at the bottom of the post with the steps if needed.

Method #1 How To Factory Reset or Hard Reset LG K40

  1. Power off the Samsung Galaxy LG K40.
  2. Hold the Buttons Volume Up and Power at the same time for 2-3 seconds and let go once a menu screen comes up factory data reset.
  3. Scroll down select Yes to factory data reset
  4. After the data has been deleted select reset the phone and the unit will restart with all data wiped.

Method #2 How To Factory Reset or Hard Reset LG K40

  1. From your Home screen go to Settings option
  2. After you click on Settings Icon and click on General Management.
  3. From General Management click where it says Restart Reset options
  4. After you click on reset options and then click on Factory data reset
  5. A warning will come up scroll down and click Reset Phone
  6. Once you click reset all your data or personal information will be deleted make sure your data has been backed up then click where it says Delete All

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