How to Adjust Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight Brightness

If the flashlight on your Android smartphone is too bright or too dim it can be adjusted for brightness.

Below are the steps that show how you can adjust the brightness of the flashlight on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+.
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How To Adjust Android Samsung Galaxy S9 Flashlight Brightness

  1. From the top pull down and go to Settings
  2. .


  3. Slide down the features where you can see the WIFI Volume, Bluetooth, screen rotation, airplane mode and flashlight and then select the Flashlight. mode


  5. After you press the flashlight mode it will give you different option to choose settings that you can select different levels or turn in it down to very low to level 1 up to level 5.


  7. Remember, if you click High to level 5 it will give you warning setting that the LED is getting hot, just to be safe set it in the middle and click where it says done.


  9. After you set it to level that you choose from, go back from settings and press the flashlight mode it will give you the level.

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