What is the Best Android TV Box for Kodi Media Center?

By | February 10, 2019

What is the Best Android TV Box for Kodi Media Center 2017
There are many android TV boxes available from low cost units to high-end expensive models.
Finding the best unit often comes down to budget and what is needed from a unit.
If you are looking for the best possible android TV box then most would agree that the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player is currently the best unit available.
What is the Best Android TV Box for Kodi Media Center
There are many things to like about the Shield from the Tegra X1 fast processor, to gaming and video streaming.
Unfortunately it also cost the most making it not an affordable option for many.
If you can afford a high-end box such as the Shield then it is no doubt the best way to go. For those looking for a more affordable unit that works well read on below.
There are many good android TV boxes that will play Kodi well and stream movies and TV shows from online sources.
In 2019 the minimum requirements to look for in a Kodi android TV, is a box with at least 3GB of RAM and at least a S912 or better CPU.
Older units with 2GB of RAM and S805 / S812 processors will still run Kodi but are aging units better fit for last year.
Especially with the new 18 Leia released it will need more resources than previous Kodi versions such as Krypton and Jarvis.
With that in mind here is a few of our picks for good android TV boxes to run Kodi on without breaking the bank.
Our Picks for Best Android TV Box for Kodi 18 Leia 2019
1… Android TV Box, 2019 Newest Dolamee X2
The Dolamee X2 is a new box for 2019 that runs the new S905X2 CPU.

The S905X2 is an updated much better version of the original S905.

It is has a 4 cores and has had a speed increase to 1.8Ghz.

Currently it is working very well in benchmark test and beating the popular S912 processor.

It also has many nice features such as a space at the bottom for a 2TB hard drive for storing videos.

The Dolamee X2 is a good unit the for the price makes for a nice media center box.

2… NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player
The NVIDIA Shield has been the top Android TV box the past few years and is still going strong.
It runs a Tegra X1 processor with a 256-core GPU and 3 GB RAM.
It has no problem running 4K videos @ 60FPS along with game play and many other features.
Even though it has been available for awhile now it is still a top box with the price greatly reduced from when it first came out.
3… Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote
The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a good option for those on a budget.
Kodi does need to be side loaded which is not hard with some basic tech skills.
If you go this route be sure to first watch some YouTube videos on how Kodi is loaded.
While the hardware is basic it runs Kodi well enough at a low-cost.
4… WeChip H96 Pro Plus Android 7.1 TV Box
The H96 PRO PLUS is an android box that uses the S912 with 3GB of RAM. The 3GB of RAM gives gives it better ability to run addons, especially when many other units have only 1-2GB of RAM.
It also has fast dual band 802.11adc WiFi and 32GB of internal storage space.
The H96 PRO PLUS with the extra RAM, internal storage, and fast WiFi make it a good low cost unit to use with Kodi and play the new 4K Ultra HD Videos.
5… V Box – SCS ETC R10 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Android 7.1 TV Box with Bluetooth 4.1 / Dual Channel WiFi 2T2R, RK3328
The R10 is a good Android TV box for the money able to stream HD videos with Kodi or other media players.
It has a RK3328 CPU which can play most any HD standard along with the new 4K Ultra HD.
The 4GB of RAM give it a boost when needed with most units having 1-2 GB of RAM.
Overall it is a good unit for the money and a good overall home entertainment system that can stream videos and play games.
6… EASYTONE T95Z Plus Android TV Box 3GB 32GB,Android 7.1 TV Box
The T95Z is a nice unit to running Kodi on along with many other android features.
It has a S912 processor with 3GB of RAM which is plenty enough to play HD 720p, 1080p, or the new 4K Ultra HD videos.
It comes with a remote control and ready to run playing movies or TV shows.
Of course as with any android TV box it can play other apps downloaded from the Play Store.
There is no doubt many good android TV boxes available to use with Kodi media center and stream videos with.
With the many units available reading review about units will be the best way to find one that fits your home entertainment center.
Be sure to stick to at least some basic hardware such as S912 processor and 3GB of RAM to get a good box that can also run well with Kodi 18 Leia.

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  1. Kyi

    Nvdia Shield is a control Tv Box that if you dare to use other apps out of what they have interest in, they would interfere turning off Kodi because isn’t working. I have to buy other box in order to see my kodi addons without interruption from Nvidia. Another thing is that you don’t have full access to Google Play Store is only limited to Nvidia choices when I use my other Tv Box I have full access to Google Play Store. When you buy Nvidia your are captive of them even dough you pay $200.00 for a supposedly estate of the art Android Tv Box. In order for me to install from Google Play Store I have to download it to an SD Flash Drive and installed to Nvidia. YOU BECOME A SEQUESTER USER AS NVIDIA MAIN PURPOSE.

  2. Laurie

    I would like to know how the T8 box compares with the newer boxes please?

  3. Bigstan

    I have kodi 17 krypton already on my h96 plus – do I need to delete that and reinput 18 before downloading the add-ons. So far, I can’t open Google play with my usual sign in- even though I have said that it is my device. Still plodding on at the moment but I feel like I’m going around in circles.

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