How To Open a Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

By | July 9, 2020

How To Use Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera
Opening the camera on a Galaxy S20 is easy to do with two main options.

Below are the steps to turn on the camera for a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 Plus along with a video at the bottom of the post if needed.

2 Ways to Open the Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

  • From a locked screen pull the camera icon at the lower left up and swipe left.
  • From an unlocked screen click on the camera App.

The S20 Camera is one of the top feature of the phones with very good resolution.

Opening it is easy with two main methods above.

Once open the camera can take still pictures or videos depending on the option selected.

Taking still pictures is quick and easy by clicking on the big center button.

The camera also has many advanced features once the basics are understood.

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