How to Install Duggz Build KODI Jarvis 16.1


Duggz Build Overview
Duggz is a popular Kodi Build that has many add-ons pre-installed and a nice user interface.
Of course any add-on can be installed into any Kodi build but it is nice to have so many pre-installed.
Be sure to install any new Kodi build into a new fresh Kodi install as to not have any problems.
As with any build first a repository is added than the build installed.
Step by Step How to Install Duggz Build KODI Jarvis 16.1
Step 1) Go to System–>File manager
Step 2) Click Add Source
Step 3) Click NONE
Step 4) Type in the URL:
Step 5) Name it

Step 6) From the main menu Click System–>Settings
Step 7) Click Add-ons
Step 8) Click Install from Zip File
Step 9) Click Duggz
Step 10) Click, It will take a minute to install.
Step 11) From the main menu Click Programs
Step 12) Click Duggz Build Wizard
Step 13) Click the Build that is best for you.
Step 14) It will download and restart. Restart it manually if needed.

7 thoughts on “How to Install Duggz Build KODI Jarvis 16.1”

  1. I can’t figure out how to scale the screen. On my tv it is cutting off some of the picture. Not much, but enough to bother me. Please help

  2. In my opinion the Duggz Pro IPTV Light is a great build for streaming boxes/sticks using 2g/8g memory. It does not freeze up and uses way less memory. If you have an M8S or similar device I think you will like that build. Also, we use Duggz Premium IPTV service (see Facebook) and you will need one of the “PRO” builds installed if you plan to use IPTV through them.

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