How to Enable/Disable Clock Timer Vibration in Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus

The Galaxy S21 vibrates along with ringing when the clock timer goes off. The ring or vibrating can be turned on or off depending on what is best for the user.

Often the vibrating can be a distraction at times and unwanted and sometimes best disabled. Likewise, the vibrating can be good for some users who prefer it over the phone ringing.

Whichever way is best for you below is the steps to enable/disable the clock timer vibration for a Galaxy S21, Ultra, and Plus.

How to Enable/Disable Clock Timer Vibration in Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus

  1. From your Samsung Galaxy S21 Home Screen go to your Samsung Clock App.
  2. Click where you see the 3 dots from the right side of the Phone.
  3. Click Settings
  4. To enable/disable the vibration, tap the button to turn on and turn off.
  5. After you enable or disable the vibration, it will vibrate your phone when the timer has finished.

Whether you use the Galaxy S21 ring tone or the vibration, either can be set for the clock timer.

Many users have one preference over another, which the smartphones allow to quickly and easily change.

The settings for the clock timer are located inside the Samsung clock app.

Which preference do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.



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