Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons

Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons

While video add-ons are the most popular with Kodi, there are many more plugins available, including music add-ons.
Many good music streams can be found and played from Kodi, with most any genre available on-demand. Here is the best ones I have found so far along with links on how to install them.

Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons totally
Totally is a brand new music Add-on from Supremacy Repository. All the music lovers should have this awesome add-on, great video & audio quality music videos of all the major music genres. It has great section for Now Music UK, Music US Collections and Music Various Albums.
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons JewMC pic 1
JewMC is a music Kodi Add-on from JewRepo Repository. It has great selections for Hit List, Max, Brits-Hits, Love Songs, Y2K, 70s/90s Rnb Soul, Rap 2K, Reggae, Rock Hits and Rock.
…GenieTV Music
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons genietv music
Genie TV is one of the great music add-on from Genie TV Repository. Sections included Music library, Music Search, Music Vids, Karaoke, Lyrics, Radio and more.
How to Install GenieTV Music
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons dreamzbeats
DreamZBeats is Kodi music video Add-on that can be installed through Rockcrusher Repository. It has big selections including Armada Music, Bass Nation, Blazed Music, Boss Betas, Chill Nation, Club Music, DrDreVevo, Dreamlife Beats, Wave Music, World Dance Music and more.
…Mad Chopz
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons mad chopz
MaD ChopZ is Kodi add-on playlists from YouTube located in Blamo Repository. Sections included Insane Guitar Player, Crazy Drum-set Players, Mad SkillZ, Women Spotlight, Coolm Concerts, Indoor Drumline WGI, Drum Corp International and more.
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons slamming
Slamming is a new Kodi music Add-on from Ukodi1 Repository that you can stream music and videos. It has UK Top 40 Songs this week, US Top 40 sing this week, Brit-pop, Urban Music, POP, Rock, Country, Latin Music, Power ballads, Music legends and 4K Music Videos.

… Now Music USA
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons now music usa
Now Music USA Kodi addon is truly a compilation of greatest hits popular music songs in the USA.
Top Best Kodi Music Add-ons blaze
Blaze is a Music Kodi Add-on from Cardinal Repository. You can listen and watch music including hottest hits, Heavy Metal, Rap, R&B, Classic Rock and country with all one click play.
How to Install Blaze
While Kodi is best known for streaming movies and TV shows in can do much more and is a all around media player.
This includes being able to play music and stream from many popular sites such as YouTube and many others sites.
The above are simply good ones I have found with no doubt many more available.
Do you have a favorite one let us know in the comments below.



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