How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton


Overview Mega’s Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton

Wookie Build is one of the more popular installs with Kodi. There are several builds that can be installed into Kodi other than Wookie, but it is one of the better builds. It comes with all the popular add-ons and a nice user interface.
Mega’s Wookie Build Krypton Build is ready and working with and Kodi 17. Some have reported having issues with Wookie Build not installing. Be sure to install the Krypton Build as the old Builds will not work with Kodi 17.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
Be sure to have the Unknown Source box checked as Kodi 17 requires this before installing 3rd party add-ons. Read Here for how to Enable Unknown Sources option.

Steps To Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton
Step 1) Click the Settings Icon from the top left
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 1
Step 2) Click File Manager
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 2
Step 3) Click Add Source
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 3
Step 4) Click were it says NONE
Wookie Kodi 17 Click NONE
Step 5) Enter the following Address:
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 4
Step 6) Name it Wookie
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 5
Step 7) Double check everything is correct
Wookie Kodi 17 doubdle check 222
Step 8) From the main menu click Add-ons
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 6
Step 9) Click the Package Installer from the top left
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 7
Step 10) Click Install from Zip file
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 8
Step 11) Click Wookie
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 9
Step 12) Click me- succumb To the
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 10
Step 13) It will pop up Wookie Enabled. Sometimes it takes a bit do download depending how busy the server is.
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 11
Step 14) Go back to main screen Click Add-ons
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 12
Step 15) Program Add-ons
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton step 13
Step 16) Click Wookie
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton Wookie 111
Step 17) Click Open
How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton Open 222
Step 18) Go to Community Builds

Step 19) Select Mega’s Wookie Build Krypton and then Install. All other Wookie builds have been having problems with Kodi 17 Krypton.

Step 20) It will download and install. After it installs it will shut Kodi off.

Step 21) Restart Kodi and it should be installed.



70 thoughts on “How to Install Wookie Build Kodi 17 Krypton”

  1. Keeps on saying “couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add anyway?” Tried everything, does anyone know how that may be caused ?

  2. I’ve got to the bit where I’ve cleared the cache, it has installed, got to the 318.44mb, then when it goes to the next run through, it closes down and I go back to my desktop. Anyone got any ideas?

    1. Are you with sky? If so,you need to turn off your sky broadband shield to complete the wookie install, as sky might be blocking it.

  3. Ok after listening to some on here I went on to tools first and cleared cache then installed the mega build its now working after the umpteen time of trying thank you

  4. I’ve had nothing but trouble with every build until now.
    1) uninstall Kodi
    2) reinstall Kodi
    3) enable unknown sources
    4) install Wookie zip
    5)run installer from inside Add-ons.
    6) select top Build from community builds page
    7) wait for install to complete and Kodi closes down
    8)restart Kodi and enjoy Wookie
    9) go to the Winchester, have a pint, wait for all this to blow over.

  5. OK peeps listen up! I had a head wreck with this! Installed wookie lite no joy! Installed Mega’s build still no joy! Fresh start different wookie address using mega’s build still no joy! Arrrhhhhh! Where am I going wrong? Probably where most people are! After doing fresh start UNPLUG YOUR DEVICE! then untick the unknown source button! Download wookie and install mega’s build! Works a treat!

  6. I didn’t care for Mega’s build on wookie. I found a build that works just as good, if not better than wookie. If wookie would get their, new look, up to par and going for 17. I might switch back but I went to spinz tv. Hard knox. The source address is http://
    Be sure you install kodi 17 krypton hard Knox. I haven’t had any issues since switching to this build. Bash this post of what ever, but I know what bull I went through when I switch to 17. Just trying to help another out.

  7. Installed on 3 devices and started up but no menus only the time. Did a factory reset and installed again and it works fine. Can’t explain it but Yey to the good old fashioned reboot.

  8. I cannot get the 12th step to work I do not have the option of clicking on succumb to the Wookie only the icon of a file and .. with an arrow in the file I have tried 6 times and double checked the URL even got others to check it ????? I am using an amazon fire stick and have deleted and reinstalled kodi 17 I installed another build from you tube spinz to but it was rubbish deleted that

  9. well 17 was running OK today it is just not working click on a Wookie link and it returns to home page. Back to 16.1 for me

  10. I hate change and new being a silly OAP but I decided to upgrade my Amazon Fire Stick to Kodi 17 and try it. Well after loading I tried the new Wookie Lite and it’s not what I was used to but after a very short time I have found it’s amazing. Now I would recommend anyone who as a fire stick and want to try Kodi 17 try the new Wookie Lite it is a work of art I would not want to change back now. One thing I found is like back in the past after installing you do need to turn power off and on again for the new build to load.

  11. Just managed to get the Mega Build Krypton version intalled onto kodi 17. So from the Wookie page, choose community builds then the top option, Mega Build Krypton and install.

  12. For people with Sony tv ensure you fully close kodi. You might have to force close under settings. It didn’t work before I did that.

  13. It is working… If it fails for the first time…clean cache and delete packages…and run again install…it has to finish to the end and apply wookie look…restart Kodi and boom there it is… On my TV Sony 55W805C !!!!

  14. Got it working! If you had Wookie already, then go to program add-ons, and click wookie to open up it’s spash screen. Next click the tools tab, and reset kodi. Restart and do the install as per above, remembering to enable unknown source.

  15. I have tried everything even unstilled kodi and nothing is working really hate the new lay out wish they never update it because I can watch nothing now please call you fix this thanks

  16. I’m starting with a fresh build kodi 17 and everything downloaded and started up with no problems.
    Are you completely removing your old Kodi?
    You have unknown sources checked
    Are you waiting to receive the wookie page that has close on the bottom?
    Do you have wookie under program add-ons and video add-ons?
    Are you going to program add-ons?
    Did you clear your cache?
    Did you go to community builds?
    Did you select the first build Mega World Build Krypton, not Mega Build World 14/1/17?
    Did you confirm the download completed at 100% I’ve seen some downloads not complete and cutoff like they are complete
    Did you shut down completely and restart?
    That’s what did and mine load works great. Hope this helps!

  17. So for someone who at this time feels stupid. I have downloaded Kodi onto my Sony tv. I then have downloaded Wookie. Then when I come to download the community build it just doesn’t work, Wookie just does not start up and jistbthe kodi pages show. What do i need to donto rectify this? All the help offered is appreciated. I’ve been at it for hours just going back and forth!!

  18. It Works a treat as long as you start Wookie go directly to community builds and select Mega Krypton version. DO NOT INSTALL WOOKIE Build at the moment, until Wookie install supports v17

  19. Paul G,
    Downloaded the mega build krypton, works a treat. Thanks for the tip. Will just say that you need to install this build only do not install the any of the standard wookie builds, go straight to the community builds and it the very top one. So thanks Paul for your advice. Much appreciated.

    1. How do you get it to work? I have downloaded it, but when I click on Kodi, it shows a Wookie page and then reverts back to Kodi homepage. The build never shows up.

      1. I figured it out. I had to uninstall KODI completely and start fresh. Once Wookie was loaded, I had to reboot my box and KODI. Then Wookie popped right up and is working perfectly.

  20. Reloaded 16.1 which worked great, loaded wookie again, sorted – till the system decided to update to KODI-17!! So again reloaded 16.1 then wookie but this time checked the update – ‘Notify’ box the make sure it did not update.
    Problem is it did not work and again updated to Kodi 17. Gave up – waiting for fix from Kodi. HELP US KODI !!!!

  21. Just like everyone else, the welcome screen pops up and then back to kodi 17 format. All of the wookie contents are downloaded, but it’s not in the wookie build format. Please inform us whenever you guys get around to formating the wookie build to be compatible with kodi 17.
    I prefer wookie build over any build because your builds are great looking builds but most of all, very reliable. Keep up the Great work!

  22. Very disappointing, Kodi 17 has ruined my Wookie on Sony android tv. I hope this problem can be resolved. There was nothing wrong with 16.1

  23. I must agree with the other commentators. Wookie does not seem compatible with kodi 17 kryton. Ive tried it 3 times and although it does appear to install wookie once you leave the screen and go back in it reverts to Kodi 17 layout.

  24. have attempted about ten times today same thing startup page and nothing else can’t even change the kodi stupid android on sony tv!

    1. I have just ran the install on Sony android tv. Enabled unknown sources and cleared all of the data. Selected Wookiee mega build for krypton. So far so good.

  25. Kodi 17 is horrid dose not work Wooke skin look at all. Why force every one update and remove Wookie? Why bother don’t touch make new if nothing like this works, whats the point was working fine on 16.1 best ever, now this happens, its been out for a wile and still no one has fixed it very slow and the new look Kodi is just as boring and same as WINDOWS crappy 10

        1. Have you acually read this article Fred? If you had you would of realised this whole article is about installing Mega Wookie Build.

      1. Any help here- I’ve installed Wookie Lite on Kodi 17.1 on Firestick and after it reboots I get the welcome screen. I made sure I was installing on a cleared kodi and had unknown sources allowed. After install, my unknown source preference was switched back.

  26. kodi 17 will not show wookie as in Jarvis 16 MOVIES / SPORT/ ect
    kodi 17 loaded and working wookie loaded and working
    it only shows kodi install no good as wookie is already installed
    why does wookie not work the same as Jarvis 16
    HOW DO you work wookie with kodi 17
    please explain

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