How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton

How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton pic 1

No limits Magic is one of the best Kodi Builds available. It has a very nice layout and uses the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin.
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton pic 2
It also has all the latest and best video add-ons installed Monster Munch, Nemesis, Vintage, Star-Tec, Yoda, Magic Dragon, 7of9 and more.
The install for Kodi No Limits Magic Build has changed since it was first introduced. The popularity of the Build slowed down the servers which gave long download times. Echo wizard gave a better quicker solution but has closed down moving on to other things.
Using the No Limits Wizard is now the best way to install the Magic Build and has all the Build versions including Fire Stick options.
The steps to install the No Limits Wizard and Build are below with screenshots.
No Limits Magic Build Screenshots
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton pic 3
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton pic 4
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton pic 5
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has high speed servers with no throttling or logs. has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.
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Steps to Install No Limits Magic Build with Screenshots
Step 1) From home screen go to Settings
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 1
Step 2) Click File Manager
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 2
Step 3) Click Add Source
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 3
Step 4) Click None
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 4
Step 5) Enter the following address:

Step 6) Name it Kodi No Limits
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 2018 URL Step 6
Step 7) The boxes should match the picture below
How To Install No Limits Magic Wizard Kodi 2018 URL Step 77
Step 8) Go back to Home screen and click Add-ons
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 8
Step 9) Click the add-on installer from the top left
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 9
Step 10) Click Install from zip file
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 10
Step 11) A box will open click Kodi No Limits
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 11
Step 12) Click
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 12
Step 13) Wait for the top right to popup and say No limits Wizard Installed
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 13
Step 14) Go back to Home screen and click Add-ons
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 14
Step 15) Click Program Add-ons
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 15
Step 16) Click No limits Wizard
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 16
Step 17) Select the version wanted, here Server-1 No Limits Magic (No XXX Section) has been selected
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 17
Step 18) It will download and install
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 18
Step 19) A box will popup and close Kodi. Sometimes it must be done manually.
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 19
Click OK to force close Kodi if it does not close automatically.
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 20
Step 20) Restart Kodi and it should come up. Be sure to give it time to build menus and update Add-ons.
How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton step 20
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary
If this Build does not work for you here is how to change the Skin back to default Estuary and remove it.
Step 1) From Home Screen go to System
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary no limits step 1
Step 2) Click Interface Settings
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary No limits step 2
Step 3) Click Skin
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary No limits step 3
Step 4) Click Estuary
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary No limits step 4
Step 5) Click Yes
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary No limits step 5
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388 thoughts on “How to Install No Limits Magic Build Kodi Krypton”

  1. Ugh, most frustrating build ever. After several attempts at downloading, finally got it, restarted my device, waited 10 mins and this thing drags and it’s so bloated with junk add-ons. Moving on, thanks but no thanks

  2. Thanks for this good instructions i have finally have a good kodi setup but why i not have dutch subtitles i have set in system dutch but it doesn’t work can you help me please???

  3. Have an mxq pro4k….had to download the Kodi installer app to update automatically to 17.6..once I did that ..the build stuck and is now operating really nice…had some if not all of the same problems most of you have had..had to reload Kodi fresh after I installed the app installer…then I got the build to work…hope it helps

  4. I just did this last night … followed the instructions exactly and it worked. I did have to plug directly into router with ethernet cable to download the file. When trying over wifi it kept stopping the download since such a large file. Make sure you type the http correctly. The first time I tried I forgot an “s”.

    1. I put no limits magic on today and it don’t want work on new shows that I watch. What is happening. Cuz I took the other off cuz it wouldn’t work. So I’m puzzled why nothing works are you talking all off .or just updated things thank you

    2. That’s all it takes, one letter. For future reference. After you enter the (add source) Go over to left, click on kodi source it will show the plugins right there.

  5. Being a techie all of my life, nearly all of my off and on time is spent working on and with computers. Hardware as well as software.

  6. there are 3 sources to download no limits magic
    if the one above does not work
    try to add another source
    “” as above
    “” this one worked for me
    “” not tested

  7. My no limits wizard is not opening it says check the error log , which I did and it said it timed out. I deleted kodi and reinstalled it and added no limits but the wizard is still not working can someone help me? Thanks

      1. g/day, my problem is that I can get to source1 and source2, click on any of the 4 “no limits ” in each and nothing happens, any ideas?

  8. I am using kodi on a fire stick 2nd generation and have installed Titanium with Supreme build. Is it possible to install No Limits Magic build with Supreme or do I need to delete Supreme. What do I need to do?

  9. I could not get the Non XXX to download. I got an error each time I tried. I then tried the Adult version and it downloaded correctly. Is there a problem with the Non XXX version?

    1. If you’re attempting to install this build on an Amazon Fire TV Stick (or similar device with only limited memory and storage), I would actually suggest that you download and install the lite version. There probably isn’t enough space on the Fire Stick to install the full build which is intended for streaming devices that have greater (or expandable) storage. If you have an Xbox or Sony gaming console, either of these would be ideal for use with the full build, otherwise, rest assured that your program will work just fine using only the lite build. AppleTV and the Fire TV Box are also well suited for use with this larger file.

  10. Hi
    Does anyone know how to find out the version of no limits installed? Knowing this would help determine if I need to upgrade to a newer version of no limits magic build.


    1. Scroll over to power from your home screen and your current no limits build is on the left. Newest is v9.3. Easy to update from the tools menu. Just go to tools, update build and click
      on the one you want.

  11. I get to the end and force the shut down wait 15seconds turn it all back on click on kodi it loads up but no build is on? Can anyone help? Thanks

      1. When I force restart, unplugging the power, I reopen Kodi and it factory resets losing everything. I have had to enter the link multiple times and have issues downloading from server 1. Should I not hard reset?

        1. This happened to me the first few times too. This finally worked for me: do not unplug the machine, click the home button, go to settings-apps-kodi-force stop, then scroll up to restart app. It restarted with the build. Hope this helps.

    1. Aeon Nox Silvo Skin isn’t showing up on my skins menu. I only see Aeon Nox Redux and that one doesn’t seem to do everything that this build is supposed to do. Should I uninstall and try again?

  12. I cant get the buiild installed when i go to “Install From Zip File” and then click the one i need to i dont see anything the named source appears empty
    i looked for a bad spelling in the links but nothing to find so i cant follow the rest of the steps
    its for a kodi tv box where i wanna install the no limits kodi is 17.6

    1. Check on the link to see which colon u put as the two are easily mistaken if u choose this one it won’t work ; but : will. Also check the wifi is connected and the ethernet too.

      1. I watch just about anything I eant on this build..cant find junk on mine saves me a big cable bill.
        Love llove 💘 KODI and it’s builds 💘

        1. I’ve been a kodi firesticks, tablet, laptop ride or die since it came out and available and I applaud the developers for everything they have done and are still doing. This has been for the last 2-3 years and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve tried almost each build to see what was best for me and how I learn and benefit from it. Some builds just aren’t for those who aren’t technically ready. Some builds are for those who are multi taskable. And some builds may be just right for a click here and a click there. Just because it says it’s the best, doesn’t mean it’s bestfor you b

          1. No limits is the best one by far and I’ve tried most of them. There are hardly ever any issues. All your tools are there. System interfacing is great and it’s so user friendly, my 2- 76 And 82 year old aunts have one I gave them and they are able to use them.
            THANK YOU NO LIMITS!!!!

      2. I’m a new user of kodi and I installed the no limits magic build. Personally, I think it’s a great build. The interface is easy to maneuver, visually appealing and has been fully operational for me.

      3. Really? I’m not very tech minded, yet I’ve managed to install and run this on my iPhone, iPad, FireTV, and Apple TV, and find it the best, most updated movies, and TV shows, as well as a TON more great stuff. I refer to it as the BEST BUILD. It’s also usually found in the top 2 or 3 builds for Kodi each month.

  13. I have zero luck with using any build/add on with Kodi. They sometimes work, they sometimes don’t, they lag, they buffer, I click on a show the circle spins then does nothing. I’ve tried Pulse for a bit worked barely ok then it stopped working completely and I saw the servers were down so I loaded up Magic No limits, but more of the same. Click on a show, circle spins, then nothing. Some content loads but then lags. My wireless internet speed is excellent and have come to the conclusion that all of these add ons are completely unreliable and most times you get what you pay for or in this case don’t pay for. I think I’d rather pay for the Showtime, HBO, Starz, etc.. Add ons from Amazon or Hulu combined with Netflix!

    1. Did you uninstall your old Kodi? I had the same problem. Now go to System and start from there type in “” and you should be on your way to Kodi 17.6 and also the No Limits Wizard. When you are done, force stop, when restarted you will see Koki v17.6. Aloha, Stefan Celletti

    2. Even though I applaud the people who work hard on Kodi for FREE to bring us the best builds and add-ons, they just aren’t reliable. No matter what there is always buffering issues and if you live in an Urban area, apt, form….you might as well forget it. But in this case it’s more the routers fault as most everyone is in the same channel and signals are getting all jammed up. I have had my stick for six months and even though I am grateful for the new movies I have seen, it’s just a headache most of the time. I added Hulu for live tv and Netflix for other movies and shows. I really thought that this would be a substitute for cable….but its not.

    3. I have similar issues. Oddly, my pc with no limits build works very well. My 2 fire sticks, on the other hand, rarely work at all. This is quite frustrating

      1. Just try to add an HD antenna to your wall/ roof and you should be fine with getting your local channels. Just make sure your antenna is able to pick up from your area: 20-75 miles or so, depending on other variables. You’ll get FREE locals, if you do it right. Good luck!

  14. Hey Guys

    Whatever server i choose, i cannot install No Limits Magic. Getting the No Limits Wizard Error. Anyone got a fix for this? I also have IP Vanish running.

      1. got it eventually on server 3
        took shitloads of attempts though.

        Am now putting it on xbox 1. Kodi is now on Microsoft Store incase you need to know. Cheers

        1. Were u able to get it working on your XboxOne? I installed everything and it seemed to go fine until i force closed it like it said and now it wont open back up it looks like its loading and says add on migration in progress but then just returns to my XB1 dashboard… Any suggestions?

        2. Did you get it to work with Kodi on Xbox one? It keeps crashing on me afteri install No Limits and power cycle the Xbox.

          When loading Kodi I get the following message-
          “Add-on migration in progress-please wait…”

          Kodi v18.0 leia – alpha on Xbox one

          1. try steventvwizard. same instructions but the url is: “” and choose the Arty Build best one so far for xbox ive found.

    1. Well, i did more than 5 times now. I was wondering my file size is 290.75MB is correct as i saw on the video it was more than this size.. Can anybody confirm this? Now this is my 6th time after install and reset (tiring)

  15. I just followed the steps and finished the download of KODI nolimits 17.6, but nothing is coming up. When I click on the KODI icon it brings me to it’s home screen where the settings wheel is. I changed the skin, but there are no movies or anything else available. It’s empty. Please help.

    1. I had the same problem! I tried at least 6 times. It finally worked after I kept trying, I really feel it has to do with you getting the right download from the servers. Server 1 kept denying me and others too and would only get one other to work. This last try, server one finally worked and I disconnected the fire stick right when it said too to force stop instead of task manager which didn’t seem to be working. I let it sit a minute this time before plugging in and it popped right up like it was supposed to. Don’t give up!! Hope this helped.

      1. Great. I’ll try it. Server 1 always let me download it and I unplugged it as soon as I got the message as well, but only waited about 15 seconds. I’ll try again. Thanks Katherine!!!!!

  16. Ok who else besides myself & several others I know are having problems with Kodi? Love the No Limits magic build, however there are three sites that I use to stream TV shows and movies. Elysium, Poseidon and Covenant. The problem is when you go into one of these sites and you search for say your TV show it will come up. You click on it and it’s getting all these sources and you see 280 of them when you click on it it says no stream available? WTF? However I’ll go to another one click on it getting up sewed it runs fine then go to see the next episode no stream available but the other one will have it?! Another WTH? I have re-done my stick from the ground up and I know what I’m doing. I always follow your directions to great detail. I’ve done it before. Nothing but streaming issues what could be the problem? Doesn’t stick not have enough memory for this? is there a solution to fix this problem?

    1. A lot of the streams are starting to be blocked or the repositories are shut down. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find working streams.

  17. Hi! Iv Just downloaded this build an it keeps flashing up saying that basically many add ins are not working due to unmet dependancies.
    What does this mean and how will it effect my experience of the build?
    Cheers guys!

    1. Practice makes perfect. I am NOT perfect, but this build ROCKS, when installed correctly. I dont know how many times that has happened to me. It could be slow internet to 1 letter is off. It works, I love it. Thanks guys. Love to check every 2 weeks. Waiting on the next NICE BUILD.
      Rich, Dr. of Detailing.

      1. Wizard on no limits starts to download,then no limits wizard pops up. I’m running jarvis16.0 on a 4.4.2 .Is the build being upgraded? Suggestions please

  18. To all the people having issues with it disappearing or vanishing look at the sub root at the bottom. Do not hit ok if it says fresh start. Seems to be a bug where it deletes everything including itself. Took me 3 tries before I noticed it. Good luck and may the odd be the force with you while you run you impossible girl.

      1. I am having the same issue. I’ve followed exactly but can’t get any thing to play. Did you find a resolution? I am a new user so it’s a bit overwhelming. I am using a firestick. Please help!

        1. Having same issue, installed great, beautiful but I cant get a single thing to stream. was wondering if you got it resolved

  19. Is there a way to download movies or shows after installing No Limits? I had different add-ons configured in the past to download, but have not found how to configure ability to download since switching to No Limits. Is it possible? If so, directions would be GREAT.

    1. Okay first I am not recommending this or condoning it but if you wanted to download movies or shows the settings are in the specific addon you’re going to use. If you’re using Covenant follow these steps:
      Click the <–.. tab at the top of list to enable the tools menu, then in tools scroll down to "COVENANAT: Downloads" and clock the radio button to turn on downloads. After that you're on you're own since I never activated that. That's where you cross the line from streaming (borrowing a digital copy) to stealing (owning a digital copy).

      1. Im using Xiaomi MiBox 2 + Xiaomi MiWifi with 2TB HDD. On movies setting, there is column which for downloading Movies and TV Series, and i’m pointing my download target on my router as it has built in 2TB storage. It works flawlessly..

  20. Where in the No Limits Magic build for Firestick does it show what version build I have loaded? I can’t tell if I just installed the most recent build last night or I already need to upgrade to V8.5.

    1. Everything worked great until i tried to download the no limits firestick lite on server 1..goes to the screen where it says to wait while downloading then after awhile you get no limits error.

      1. Servers 1 and 2 are usually very slow. I always use server 3 and d/l the lite version even if I’m not using a Firestick.

    2. If you have RSS new feeds on (radio button is filled in) then the crawl across the bottom will tell show the most recent build version and the date it was added for downloading. In the case of 8.5 it shows that it was released on 11/19/2017.
      To enable it in case it was turned off click into System / Interface / Other, then turn on “Show RSS news feeds”.
      TIP: This option is not available in the widgets below the System tab, so you have to click on the word “SYSTEM” and follow the path above.

  21. I installed Kodi No limits then reset and it didn’t show up, I’m not sure if I did something wrong but any advice would be welcome. I was able to install exodus and it appears to be working. I’m using the “skin” in this though I’m rough at it just did it.

    1. I am having the same issue, I tried with 17.6 then went back to 17.4 and after I download no limits and it installs, it is no where to be found.

    2. Its still not working correctly, after downloading (when you can find a server not maxed out) installing, and then force stop and start there are NO files there, no builds, no addons, absolutely nothing. complete waste of time.

    3. Same here.
      My new fire stick is what I’m adding everything too.
      I noticed each time I try, my selection to add unknown sources has disabled itself.
      I don’t know how to keep it on!

  22. I upgraded to the latest version, and it lost my extra apps that I loaded, and now I cannot find where setting and file manager has gone to on this version. I click on file manager and all the apps I have come up, and no where to add a zip address, it is weird. Any ideas?

    1. I am able to get Pro Sport add-on to work. I am in v8.3 and kodi 17.6. This has been happening since kodi 17.3. Is there something to correct this? I have search online and unable to find a definite answer.

  23. I am having problems installing this build on windows 10, am I doing something wrong or is it not meant for Kodi 17.5v? The only way I have found is to install it and change the skin but it erases my shortcuts and favorites and previous addons. Any suggestions or did I do it correctly?

  24. Works great and looks fine. Only trouble for me is that I can’t disable or synchronise the subtitles anymore. I didn’t find a way to do so.

  25. Make certain to backup your Kodi folder as this add-on adds many add-ons and makes it difficult if not impossible to revert back to your previous Kodi installation if and when something goes wrong.

    I installed this add-on as per instruction and it did install and ran well. I was able to use Kodi with No Limit’s new menus and GUI.

    However there was one problem I ran into. For whatever reason No Limits hid or deleted my previous SuperFavorites links for TV, Movies, etc. I also needed to install previous add-ons if I wanted to use those add-ons as No Limits installs it’s own addons and doesn’t seem to preserve any data or settings if from any add-ons already installed. This appeared to be true of the Super Favorites addon that was already installed. It appears No limits re-installs Super Favorites and didn’t preserve any of the Super Favorites settings or links.

    I decided I wanted to switch back to my previous Kodi GUI using the Estuary Skin so to be able to find my Superfavorites.

    For some reason while using No Limits GUI Kodi crashed, Upon starting Kodi again I received an error message: “Unable to create GUI. Exiting.”

    Installing Kodi again the same error message is produced. The only remedy was to rename the previous Kodi folder and allow Kodi to create a new one.

    However all my previous settings, installed addons, etc are now gone and I need to start from scratch.

    I should have saved the the original Kodi folder prior to installation of No Limits.

  26. This is y first time trying this. Followed each step as video shows and also ran into unplug power cored but video had that covered too. Just force stop Kodi and the restart. Works perfectly except after a few days Bob Unleashed stopped working (says “server down” but everything else works great. Runs smooth and great add one available also. Love this NO LIMITS MAGIC 2

      1. Mines isnt installing either. After the part where it says to unplug it or force close it goes back to the reg home screen like i didnt do nothing at all

    1. Hello,

      I installed the Kodi No Limits build on my 2nd generation Fire Stick. Elysium and specto Fork do not work. Tried it on 3 of my friends fire sticks also. What can I do to fix this problem???

  27. I have installed 3 firesticks bk to bk. I had to install kodi first on all of them. Then i installed No Limits on them. Ran into no problems. Great build. Follow instructions to the T and you will have no problem.

  28. Just upgraded to version 8. I go to my favourites (which are still there) and it says I have to install exodus for the favourites function to work. I click yes to agree to install exodus and it stops at 25% with a message “installation failed”. It worked perfectly before the upgrade. Any ideas on how to fix this please?

    1. Haven’t been having any luck w/the “regular” Exodus– works on some of the builds- doesn’t work on some of the others I’ve made– I’ve been using “Covenant(Exodus)” instead and telling the people that I’ve done install for to use the Covenant(exodus) and ignore the other “Exodus” all together.

      Don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but I’ve heard from a few different sources, that the developers from Exodus are no longer “putting time into the Exodus add on anymore, and instead they made the Covenant(exodus) addon, and are putting their time/effort into this addon, therefore, the exodus addons isn’t as reliable as it once was”. ***AGAIN– I DONT KNOW IF THERE IS ANY TRUTH TO THAT STATEMENT***. I’ve just heard that from a few different sources, and they couldn’t tell me where they got their info from, so it’s up to you on how much you want to believe it. Due to the fact that some of the builds I’ve done have allowed exodus to work perfectly fine, and some builds won’t let it install at all, I’m unsure about it, and have stopped telling anyone I give them to, to use exodus.

  29. I choose French as a default language for KODI.
    The installation of Nolimits works fine BUT… default language has now been changed to English.
    Where the hell do I change it again in this skin.
    I have spent hours looking without any result

    thank for your help

  30. Whenever I complete install I get a screen to pull the power out of my firestick to restart and when I do the program never starts. Is there something I can do to have it start?

    1. Make sure you’re not exiting the kodi app when you disconnect your power source. Just leave the app open and pull the cord from the firestick. Make sure to wait 60 seconds although it says 15 and it should work.

  31. Yeah i was having problems. Was using the new 17.4 kodi an no lomits was just not downloading. Delete kodi. Download and reinstall.
    No limits downloaded in a few minutes

  32. Hey everyone!
    So I am trying to do this for my first time, got the zip file portion done and see all the servers and will click the appropriate one, and will not install.
    No limits wizard error, check the log is what I am being told.
    Any idea?

    1. Same here. I check the log and the error section is empty. Im wondering if their servers are down or something. I can click server 3 instead of server 1 and it at least shows downloading for a second or two, but then it fails.

    2. The first link with the Xxx section is working for me. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes to start downloading but then it works.

    3. You gotta completely uninstall Kodi and use downloader scroll all the way down and select “older Kodi builds” 17.4 aug 20th we just finished it up excellent running condishion

  33. For those who cannot insal the build just try “popcorn time” works great for windows 10 ,got subtitle in many languages ,no addons instalation needed , no pain in the ass ,adios kodi forever

  34. HEY thanks for the Info I tried it with a newer amazon stick with a couple fails I got it to work with the adult lite version source 1. I got kodi on first using the es file explorer app. I went to http kodi tv got the arm verson 17.3 …file manager add source no limits build done. Programs select it. It Downloads on the new version fine. I unplugged it 15 seconds like it says. But on my 1st generation stick I’m having major problems. I can’t get any version of no limits wizard to start downloading except no limits magic adult version 311.80 mb. It will download and then I follow the step of unplugging it. When I plug it in and start up kodi the regular menu appears. I go to file manager the source no limits is gone. I go to settings I have to turn the apps from unknown sources on again. Anyone help me if I made enough since (;

      1. Having the Sam issues, sometimes when i try and download any from source 1 or 2 it throws up an error and won’t download, or download o unplug leave for 15 seconds and nothing, does anyone know if you an install no limits from ares wizard, it gives you a bunch of builds but cant see no limits

    1. Same problem here. Installed 17.4 then fresh NoLimits build and after unplugging and restarting goes right back to kodi original screen. Nothing from the NoLimits build is showing. Any suggestions?

  35. Hi, I love the no limits, but I have a question… My screen dims too fast, how do I change it to 10 Minutes or more? I have looked everywhere, and I can’t find it.. Thank You..

  36. Been using this build for a while but its now having some problems, lots of movies will not play at all. Is there a update available ? Or should i start over and re-install the build ? Please Help

  37. On windows 10,
    1) It downloads, unzips, says restart
    2) when you restart there is nothing there if you click on add on it takes you back to download page
    3) got the Aeon Skin, and tried it via that, then you see all options like movie, videos, tv, audio etc etc, but all of them are EMPTY. There is nothing under any sub-directory.

    Anyhelp appreciated

  38. I cannot get default named URL to work, but got the previous to download but when it tries to finish install after file extraction I either have to power down manually, and install, or kill kodi process w/ task manager which I cannot get to. Either way, it resets kodi to default, and removes all files.

  39. Having downloaded the build to my fire stick all looks good. That is until I select any of the sub sections. Any help would be appreciated?

  40. Is there an update on the skin issue? The Aeon Nox 5 Silvio us not available,only the Redux. What should I do?

  41. All installed but none of the addons work they either don’t loads any programs or they say no stream available. How can I fix this please?

  42. All loaded fine but none of the addons work. When you try to go into Phoenix or any of them either no films or programs load or it just says no streaming available! How can I fix this please?

  43. I have uninstalled Kodi 17.1 and reinstalled it 3 times and the same with no limits. I am getting “no streaming available” on most everything. What is the problem?

    1. Hi I had same problem. It was the internet provider blocking it..I’m with bt so had to log into smart set up and turn It off and then all streams worked fine! Hope this is some help!

  44. Everything works fine until step 19 to actually download the build. The pop up says ‘Downloading the latest build… in progress….. please wait’ but the download bar hasn’t moved at all. Anyone else having the same issue?

    1. Yes that is the same issue I am having waited for 30 minutes with no progress at all. Just says “Dowloading the Latest Build…”
      “In Progress………”
      “Please Wait”

    2. same here the bar is moving but so slow I can only tell cause I got so fed up and actually found some tape to keep an eye on if it is moving and it is , but my grandmother has Parkinson’s disease and could walk around my outside part of the house 20 could possibly be 30 times before this slow ass build extracts i wish I didn’t even start this install , no matter how good it maybe I do not recommend it unless you have several free days of not a damn thing to do

  45. Working now….have issue with windows 10 install…when you uninstall kodi if you are starting fresh….like they recommend…it does not take our the kodi files that are your old build under the User and Appdata…so it ends up holding on to all your old stuff…it ends up with the new files and you can see it under System and Video Addons….not sure….think the files are there and available if you want to use them….
    Also just had a problem with a Fire Stick trying to install the FS No XXX load and did not come up with the right skin…i may have caused that by pulling the power cord early….the first message says to pull it after that message times out….just loaded the big load without xxx and it just came up….using 17.1

  46. the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin does not automatically come up, so I went to skins and clicked on more still isn’t there. How can I get it

  47. Ah I’m so annoyed I can’t get this working at all. Does anyone have an updated method? When I use the stated method. It doesn’t give me the pluggin wizard option at all. How to solve this??

  48. Hi,

    after I completed step 11 I tried to move on to step
    Step 12 “Click”,but, the
    “Click” doesn’t exist. -_-

  49. I’ve got t the echo wizard and repo installed, but when I go to community builds I get a line referring to the URL being unable to be reached. Can anyone help with this please?

  50. I’m trying to install kodinolimits on my new fire stick and can not. I’ve installed on previous fire sticks but now I can’t find the no limits wizard plugin either. Can someone please help me?

  51. I had installed the nolimits build following the instructions above. 1 week later I tried to install it for my wife and the zip file is missing the wizard.
    Is there a work around? A fix?
    Can I copy files from my PC to hers???
    Please help

  52. Guys , so far the only way to install this great build is thru Google play store installing the “complete kodi setup wizard” and searching for the no limits magic build, good luck

  53. ok, so I just got a new fire stick and I went to install the new No Limits build on the new stick. the only version for Kodi that I could get was 17.1 NOT 17.0. the build does on have the plug in on the zip file and I can not get the build to load. has anyone else had this problem? I need some help. it also says that the down load has failed. I try to install this about six times and each time I get stopped at the same step. could it be the new 17.1 version?

  54. I have tried to do this every which way that I can find on the web. I get as far as downloading and the WARNING pop-up but when I plug my device back in, the app has reverted to the original/default settings with no add-ons. Is there a special trick that gets the build to actually load once the device and app have restarted?

  55. I have tried all morning loading this build with no success onto my jetstreambox. The box is crap because when the power goes out it reverts back to kodi 14.0 which sucks. This build is the best I’ve used and quite frustrating not having it on the box. I’ve tried using the wizard out of the 4.5 build for the 16.1 kodi on the box and that didn’t wok either. The extraction process seems to be where it rushes thru and doesn’t give the normal shutdown option; it rushes thru and shuts down kodi and then opening kodi with no magic. : (

    1. Try use advanced task killer to shut down everything including ur box wihout plugging it out. OK just seen this old post but for someone else to read it . I will leave it here

  56. Since the echo coder guy left and to join tvaddons, we are forced to use the No limits wizard to update this build – everything sucks! I’ve been averaging 4-6 tries of downloading the new build, then playing the android re-boot game to see if the build works! Totally frustrating and its turning into a huge waste of my time. No Limits Magic is a great build, but there needs to be a reasonable way to download and install the build. Too bad the designers didn’t consider this when they created the build… Otherwise, I can find something else to do with my time.

  57. I’m lost, neither way seems to work. Every time I try to source of echo order or kodi no limits.srve I get a message that it’s unable to add, Andy possibly the network is down. I am able to add the old but there that doesn’t contain the zip necessary to move forward. Can anyone give me some advice here please.

  58. Question.. how do we test this build out now that Echo Wizard is no more? The Kodi No Limits Wizard doesn’t function either, so can’t even use that. I was really excited to give this build a look over since the video of it really impressed me, but now I am stuck at an impasse on how to get the build as I can’t find it in Ares Wizard, and tvaddons doesn’t support builds (or so it seems). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you.

  59. My favorite so far and it works great for me. I put it on a few friends setups as they are trying Kodi for the first time. It looks better than Netflix and Amazon combined and has a much better selection. Thanks!

  60. This is a great Build. It took me forever to download it onto my Nvidia Shield. Probably 50 minutes. After going through the steps it loaded up fine. I don’t like not knowing what’s in these sources. Sanctuary, Evolve and any other that seem to have a mix of so much in it. Despite saying that, I thought it was cool that I found drum lessons, hair and makeup tutorials, Hooked on phonics and more. I’m looking for a solid build for the Amazon firestick, so id appreciate it if anyone can comment. I might just try it. I’m curious on the alternate skins, but this has so much, you don’t know where to go. The good and bad about sources.
    Thanks guys for the hard work!! I really like the Kodi 17 style menu, so I hope to see more updating to the New Kodi Krypton.

  61. Excellent build – but a few days after installing it did the updating skin shortcuts and building menu. No it’s missing all the background wallpapers and widgets etc. How can I restore them?

  62. Simple question but I can’t answer it.
    I installed this, works great, love it. Only thing is my Time is OFF by one hour.
    I looked everywhere and can’t find a place to change the time or region/time zone.
    Does anyone know how to do this???
    Driving me crazy.

    1. Nevermind.. Brainfart. lol
      I figured out it’s the time from the amazon box it uses.
      I’m sure I had it set right before. Problem is I’m in Canada and it’s Atlantic Time,, it doesn’t exist in the US so it’s still off by one hour,, no other time zone available matches mine.
      Anyone know a fix for this?? Not a big deal but would be nice.

  63. Is there a way to adjust the colors? I dislike the purple check marks of already watched items. I can barely see them on the screen but this is something I would like to be seen.

  64. After I selected which was best for me and pressed download, box popped up that says “trakt and Ed settings detected” it gives me the option to keep the trakt & real Debird settings or No, remove my settings. Which one do I choose?

  65. Raspberry Pi 3 with Emulationstation Kodi Krypton and No Limits 4.3 Why is this so slow! I’ve tried the firestick versions and the large build versions and they are so slow. Any suggestions on how to make it faster? When I say Ali I referre to the time it takes to move from one menu to another: clicking the left and right buttons. Sometimes it is bstant but lost it takes 30 to 40 seconds to take action. Also how do I configure the PS3 controller with no limits. It works fine with Emulationstation but does not work with no limits even though it is connected.

    1. Hi Duncan

      Thanks for the new address. It seemed to work great but I still end up encountering the problem where once the downloaded file extraction begins, about 20 seconds into the process it says “Download Complete” and then proceeds to do countdown and shuts down Kodi. When I re-open Kodi, this glitch clears the “unknown sources” toggle back to off and also removes Kodi Media Viewer which appears to be needed in the install process.

      Any thoughts here? I have tried twice with the new address which you provided.


      1. I had the same problems kodi 17 rc1 on Windows 10, would download but not install. I downloaded the zip in my browser and unzipped/overwrote the userdata, media and addons directories. When I started it had to migrate addons and then restart… it is mostly working. I’m just getting an error that says I do not have the echo repository installed(even though it is). The build/skin looks great, love the look & feel!

      2. Hi Rob, Becca here. I too have spent countless hours over the past 3 days trying to get my install to complete with no luck!! WELL, I finally uninstalled everything and went back to step 1. Here is what I did to finally get it working correctly (maybe this will help you too)….
        1. Uninstall and erase all files downloaded.
        2. Download kodi from again
        3. Install kodi and change your system settings to allow the 3rd party apps to install.
        4. Exit kodi using the power button in main screen.
        5. Open kodi and add new source but this time use Echocoder’s source(repo)…
        6. Go back to “install from zip” and choose whichever of the 2 repository zip files you wish (1. no XXX or 2. with XXX)
        7. After that installs, go to “install from repository” and choose the Echo coder repo, search for No Limits (should be near the top and maybe in a folder listing the top builds – sorry, can’t remember that step off the top of my head)
        8. Choose to install the No Limits build and select ok when you get the warning that they are not responsible for your install
        9. Choose to erase all previous settings (if it tells you that you have presets on your system). This will basically do a fresh start on your kodi and then go get the No Limits and install it.
        10. (the best part of all of this for me) Once it installs it will give you the option to FORCE CLOSE your kodi for you… no pulling the plug and resetting anything or wiping out your install!!
        I have several different builds of kodi on several different machines, tablets, phones and firesticks and this has been the first time I’ve had this problem! Echocoder’s installation of No Limits has just saved me from more countless hours that I can never get back!!! Kudos to Echocoder!!!!!

        PLEASE let me and others know if this works for you! 🙂
        Good Luck and can’t wait to hear back!!

        1. ~ Becca ~,

          Thanks so much !! The steps which you outlined in order to resolve the issue of being able to download but not extract the NoLimits zip files for Kodi Krypton/NoLimit V4.5 worked great!

          The only area which I was a bit unclear about was in your Step 7. I had a difficult time locating the NoLimit build but after searching through many folders/files – if I am recalling correctly, it was located under Top Builds, then under sub Community Builds folder.

          When you click on the particular build “NoLimits” a big text box comes up warning that it’s an unsupported 3rd party build…etc., you either click “Close” or “Esc” to acknowledge and close the warning box. You can then proceed to click NoLimits to select your build for installation.

          Echocoder downloaded the NoLimits build and extracted the zip files without any problem….thanks Echocoder and to you Becca for taking the time to share your fabulous resolution!!

          I wonder why it has become so difficult to install NoLimits with latest Krypton/NoLimit V4.5 build….I wonder if this is deliberate on the part of one of the software creators? It just shouldn’t be this complicated.

          1. YAY! I’m so glad it worked for you!! Thank you so much for clarifying Step 7. I’m sorry, it was late and I couldn’t not recall where the build was and was NOT going back and doing it all over again! LOL

            I hope this helps anyone else that is having the same issues.

            I found and love the floating widget from Echocoder as well, with all the maintenance and do-dads to better control your kodi program!! This may just be my favorite way to install, not only the No Limits, but any of the builds available in Echocoder’s repo.

  66. I have encountered another snag in trying to install NoLimits build on my Windows 10 computer. After successfully installing NoLimits V4.1 using suggestion of installing the Kodi Media Log Viewer before unzipping ……, my latest crisis, when trying to update to the latest NoLimits build V4.5, it starting to download the new build files, then it kicked me out of the Kodi application in the middle of downloading the newest build. When I re-opened Kodi on my computer (Windows 10) I lost my original NoLimits V4.1 build. I was not able to re-install the V4.1 build and have now ended up uninstalling Kodi Krypton and re-installing and attempting to install the latest NoLimit V4.5 build. I still had to install the Kodi log viewer for the zip download to work.

    Now my problem is that I can select the build I want (NoLimits Magic – Adult V4.5), it will download the 363.85 MB file successfully, then when it starts to unzip the file, after about 20 seconds of unzipping dozens of files, it says “Download Complete” and goes into the auto shutdown process. When I re-open Kodi, nothing was installed. I have tried to download this file over 6 times and it craps out about 20 seconds into the unzipping process and says “Download complete” and shuts down Kodi with no install being done.

    Would anyone have any thoughts on what may be causing this latest issue? Again, I can download the file, but unzipping process only lasts a short time….would this be a server problem?

    Thanks again all!

    1. An Addendum to above, after Kodi closes 20 seconds into the zip files extracting, when I re-open Kodi, I have to go into add-on settings and change “unknown sources” on again and I also have to re-install the Kodi Media Viewer add-on again. I have downloaded the latest Kodi NoLimits build 10 times now and it makes it to full download, then about 20 seconds into extracting the zipped files, it says “download complete” and closes Kodi. I am wondering if this is a server problem and to just keep retrying? Wondering if there is anyway I can download the full zipped plugin 363.85MB file onto my computer and try extracting the files myself rather than going through the Kodi NoLimits server each time.

      It seems to be getting more and more difficult to install NoLimits with each Kodi build…I wonder if this is being done purposely?

      Again, any suggestions most appreciated…. thanks

  67. Im getting a “Failed to install addon from zipfile” msg through both jarvis and krypton, using the nvidia shield. Worked fine a few months ago but ive since reinstalled kodi and cant get it to load. Wondering if the link is down?

  68. For some reason when I got through it I have Aeon Nox 6.0 but noneven of the content loads. Any ideas how to fix this?

  69. After struggling with this for awhile. And installing from the zip file, I downloaded to my computer and then used adblink to push the zip to my device. The installation went smoothly but after the restart the Silvo skin was not found. I had to go to look and feel section in the my addons>all addons. After enabling the Silvo skin I activated it in the interface tab. All seemed well when the Silvo skin loaded, looked just like the real deal, but it started to do the build thing at the top and it removed all of the settings of the Silvo Skin.
    Please help, I feel like I got one step further than some by finding the skin after install but it didn’t help much.

  70. I get to step 18 and then every one I select says (NO LIMITS WIZARD ERROR) I am trying to download on amazon fire stick.

    1. Add kodi logviewer and then try again, that’s what fixed it for me. Now I just need to find out why aeon nox silvo isn’t in the skins option even when I go to the get more tab.

  71. I followed all steps but when I go to get more skins SILVER is not in the list, what am I doing wrong? If I select the one that is available, all menus are empty. Can someone please help?

  72. Yeah theres only the option of the Aeon Nox5: Redux skin available in the new Krypton 17.1. Any idea how to get the SiLVO

  73. Dan, I did that, and although it worked, it didn’t download the no limits kyrptpn build. It only has an older version, i.e. Aeon Nox, not the Silver skin/version. Any idea on how to get the Aeon Nox Silver build?

  74. Finally got it to work.

    Had to us ES File Explorer to install from zip.
    -Add Favorite (http://
    -Open newly added favorite and then download (
    -Make sure to note where the zip file downloaded
    Go back to step where you install from zip but find the zip file you downloaded with ES File Explorer.

    Continue with the laid out steps.

    I then had a snag with selecting the Build to use and kept getting the error message to check log file.

    Go to addons – click the box/package icon – searchfor log viewer and install that.

    This fixed that issue. Go back and pick your build it should work now.

    1. Yep, Dan, that did it. Windows install, but downloading and enabling the Kodi Log Viewer fixed the issue for some reason.

      THANK YOU! You’re a genius… 😉

  75. I spent hours trying to download KNL onto Krypton and when eventually managed it couldn’t install from zip. Decided to go back to Jarvis and installed no limits 4.1 no problem. Not wanting to be beaten decided to try again on Krypton and got the same problems as before but remembered there is an auto instal option for KNL on Echo Wizard. Installed the wizard onto Krypton following a web tutorial, clicked on the KNL link and done. Took about 10 mins after hours of messing. Equipment Nvidia shield, Krypton from Google play.
    Also tried Krypton on Firestick, crashed straight after launch every time. Jarvis fine with KNL 4.1.


  76. I have been using spinz hard knocks for a long time. I decided to give this a try out. but I am getting error message failed to add zip. I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything correctly. maybe there server is down? or zip address has changed?

  77. i am new to this, i am on windows 10 pc. i have gotten to step 18, were i choose a build but everyone says wizard error and i can get any of them. can anyone help?

  78. I tryed to install kodinolimits to my windows kodi unable to connect or no internet connection . checked everthing not able to connect I did it many times any one have any ideas?

  79. I finally got it to work by downloading the zip file and then unplugging the fire tv for 30 sec. Then I pointed kodi to the downloaded zip file and it worked like a charm.

  80. I couldn’t get the zip to download for the longest time. I installed manually from .zip as mentioned above and still could not get the build to download. I finally read Gionidas comment about installing the kodi log viewer. I thought there was a fat chance it would actually work, but I installed it and went back into the plugin wizard and presto: it fcking worked. Thanks for all the help everyone.

      1. I installed Media Source – Log Viewer for Kodi

        To get there I went to Kodi > Add-ons > click the box/package icon in top right corner > search

        search for log viewer and you should find it.

  81. I could not get the zip file to load without error. This was installing under Windows 10. Type in URL in your browser http:// and download and save to a folder (in the download folder, or one of your choice).
    Go back to the NoLimits build install and in step 11, “install from zip”, browse to the folder where you saved the zip file downloaded and select it. Once that loads, continue as normal.

    1. Hi Richard

      I am unclear what you mean by typing in the URL which you listed in your browser…. do you mean add source in Kodi itself, or in any internet browser? I did copy/paste your URL into Edge and all it brings up is a webpage with text on it…nothing to download. Could you clarify this step in more detail for me if you don’t mind?


  82. For anyone having the “error check log” message. I did some research and everything kept telling me to look at the log and to look at the log you have to install the log viewer for kodi. Using the sesrch option to find it and install the program. Once installed i retied it and it worked. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for this. I installed the log viewer, went back to retry to install the build and it worked flawlessly. This is on a first gen Firestick. My 2nd gen Fire TV and Nvidia shield I had no problems with.

      1. Thanks to Gionidas’s suggestion…like others are reporting after installing the log viewer, I was able to successfully download and install the No Limits build without any problem. It seems like a strange workaround but it appears to work!
        (This was on Kodi Krypton V17.1 RC1 installing No Limits build V4.1)

        Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions, feedback and contributions to this forum!

    1. Yes step 13 is where it is failing for me. It comes up with add-on error message rather than “enabled” message. Strange, I was able to successfully install Kodi No Limits (v.41) on Krypton 17 last week on another computer no problem using the same steps. I have tried both Kodi 17 & 17.1 and have uninstalled and fresh re-installed Kodi about 6 times with no success in adding the NoLimits build. Is anyone else having this install issue?

      1. This was an issue for me and I followed what Tom said on February 19th:

        Tom says:
        February 19, 2017 at 10:54 pm
        After many failed attempts of trying to install from zip file the traditional way, there is a way to get past this point by and for installation. I have done this successfully with the following:
        first generation firestick with voice control
        Kodi 17 Krypton
        No Limits Magic Build V4.1

        Go back into ES File Explorer, and save the URL for no limits repo as a favorite. Click on the newly created favorite link and open page. Download the file directly to your firestick. Once download is complete, you can go back in to kodi app, and go to install from zip file. Instead of clicking source you added within kodi, you will navigate to the internal location of zip file. Location of mine by default was in root Filesystem under /storage/emulated/0/Download

        Once the add-on has been successfully added, go to program add ons like in directions above. However you will see folder icons as well as the no limits magic icons both with similar names. Use the ones with no limits icons, as the folder ones will fail. (I.e. Two fingers touching, each a different color).

        If you have any issues, just let me know and I’ll try my best to help out.



        1. Thanks Chris for sharing Tom’s suggestion to resolve this issue.
          It worked partially for me…I could at least get the NoLimitsWizard Add On to install and now be enabled using Tom’s suggestion of downloading the zip file and retrieving from a flash drive. I can see the NoLimitsWizard in Added Programs section and when I click it, it brings up the usual list of NoLimits builds starting with most current. I click on the one I want to use and it will come up NoLimitsWizard install error.

          I am not sure what is happening. I have successfully installed Kodi 17 with NoLimits build v4.1 added on without problem in all my other installs(4 of them) from the past week. I have installed/uninstalled/reinstalled Kodi 16.1, 17, & 17.1 several times trying to get this to work. What am I doing wrong here? Are there any other suggestions that you or anyone else may have to help me out here?

          Thanks again,

          1. Sorry, as an addendum to above…the error log reports “invalid structure” as reason the Kodi Build cannot be installed.

  83. As of Feb 27, 2017 it appears that the Kodi No Limits build (v. 4.1) will no longer install on Kodi 17 & Kodi 17.1……. I am getting an error message saying the app add-on was not installed and error ……..this is in MS Windows 10 operating system … it just me?

  84. To all the people who have tried and tried again this is a complex build but so far seams to be worth the frustrations if you can get at least to see the add ons at step #8 and get to the screen #18 that ask for your operating system and you get the error check log try to unplug your box if that’s what you are using for 15 -20 sec go back in and things should start to progress i worked at it for hours but finally got it at first i used 17.1 did not work so i went back to krypton17.o and had sucsess.

    1. I can get to step 18 which is select the build you want to install. I’m installing on fire stick, so I picked those first, but everytime I get an “error installing. Check log” box at the top. I’ve tried all the options and none of them work.

      1. getting the same after having to use toms workaround to get the zip file in the first place, this is harder than it needs to be…

          1. For all who have had issues getting past step 18 this worked for me:

            1)I went to the gear symbol (settings).
            2)selected system settings
            3)went down to add-ons
            4)went over to unknown sources and enabled this.

            Went back to add ons and proceeded with installing my build and it finally worked.

  85. I get an error when I try to download the build. I can get the wizard to download, but when I go and select my build, I get an error.

  86. ***WORKAROUND***
    After many failed attempts of trying to install from zip file the traditional way, there is a way to get past this point by and for installation. I have done this successfully with the following:
    first generation firestick with voice control
    Kodi 17 Krypton
    No Limits Magic Build V4.1

    Go back into ES File Explorer, and save the URL for no limits repo as a favorite. Click on the newly created favorite link and open page. Download the file directly to your firestick. Once download is complete, you can go back in to kodi app, and go to install from zip file. Instead of clicking source you added within kodi, you will navigate to the internal location of zip file. Location of mine by default was in root Filesystem under /storage/emulated/0/Download

    Once the add-on has been successfully added, go to program add ons like in directions above. However you will see folder icons as well as the no limits magic icons both with similar names. Use the ones with no limits icons, as the folder ones will fail. (I.e. Two fingers touching, each a different color).

    If you have any issues, just let me know and I’ll try my best to help out.



    1. I’m having a hard time trying to unzip the no limits wizard went into ES saved the URL as a favorite and downloaded. Not quite sure how to find what I saved and unzip . If I can find it and open I might be okay

    2. I’m having a hard time trying to unzip the no limits wizard went into ES saved the URL as a favorite and downloaded. Not quite sure how to find what I saved and unzip . If I can find it and open I might be okay

    3. what is the URL for no limits repo? I just put the URL http:// and there is nothing there regarding the plugin/

    4. I’m getting failed build install on step 18.

      Same as user below:
      Leslie says:
      February 25, 2017 at 3:35 pm
      I can get to step 18 which is select the build you want to install. I’m installing on fire stick, so I picked those first, but everytime I get an “error installing. Check log” box at the top. I’ve tried all the options and none of them work.

  87. OK Alright EVERYBODY LISTEN UP here is the best easiest way use the (kodi set-up wizard) go to the play store type kodi in search bar and the kodi set-up wizard will appear Download it and once you have its so so easy just click on builds and select no limit and that’s it your done it installs it works great no problem.. Better than those 22 steps listed in this article .

    1. OK Got that for android go to the Google play Store and type Kodi in the search bar and then select kodi set-up wizard from the list and download it. Then open the app and #1 click install kodi if you don’t have it. If you do have it all ready then just go to step. #2 click on build from the list choose no limits or the other great builds simple as that on the list select it and that’s it when the download finishes everything is configured and set up ready to go simple as that so again if you already have kodi installed just use the wizard to select the build no limits to download or you have the choice to download kodi and then the build no limits

    2. Thanks David, this app worked great on all of my android devices. Including my Fire TV box. The app makes it easy to add builds,
      add-on packs and repositories. Good shit.

  88. Was getting no where on the Shield with the zip error so I downloaded the zip from the repo from a pc into a USB, then installed from there. At that point the install worked and installed the necessary build I needed from the server. Dunno what’s going on with the zip that it can’t be accessed by Kodi on my laptop or my shield.

  89. Worked yesterday trying to install it on my shield. Tried today on my pc and there’s a zip error. File manager says the size is 0B

  90. I have been trying to get this build on my firestick. I have done everything correctly. When i go to install from zip file the addon will not enable for nothing so that i can move on to the next step. Its crazy because i have put it on my other firesticks just fine.

    1. You will have to get it installed on ur android.
      From there u will need “apps to fire” both kodi and apps to fire can be found in play store. After kodi is installed close it and open apps to fire. Under the 3 dots on far right slide menu over far as possible. Make sure u have fire stick hookup and ready so u can get the ip address to save into apps to fire. Oh yeah both devices must be on same network.
      Once ip is saved and ready go to ur app list and select kodi and send it direct to the firestick with no jailbreak or anything and it works well with Nolimits.

  91. Ok so I must be an idiot. I am ok with that. I think. I spent hours trying to get kodi on a a fire stick. I just can’t do it. In addition I can’t get the no limits wizard on my kodi on my pc. Also I can’t transfer a great build that I have on another fire stick to the pc or another fire stick. Please help.

  92. I have everything downloaded and now there are no paths to any of the repositories. It’s as if none of the repositories came over, just the names.

    1. Try again at a different time for day. Mine did the same thing, tried to install at night, failed every time. Tried first thing in the morning, worded great

    1. On step 16. I don’t have program add-ons as an option. Only add-on repository and video add-ons. I’m using a firestick with echo remote. Any ideas?

      1. I was having this issue too. I just went to http:// kodi/ in a browser and downloaded the zip from there, then used the local copy to install.

  93. No limits is currently in the process of creating a dedicated server for their build due to increased bandwidth traffic. Build is becoming quite popular. They have been down for a couple days. Give it a couple more days and they will be back up and running…

  94. When I click on the KodiNolimits Zip nothing happens. I get a spinning symbol then the screen stays at the same screen as seen in Step 11

    I’m using Kodi 17.1 RC. Is this blocked now? It’s not my internet as I can’t even open it via 4G.

  95. I clicked OK on step 7 but when I then go to the Main Menu there is nothing in Add-ons. There wasn’t any install process after clicking Ok on step 7 so please let me know what I need to do to install KodiNoLimit so that the add-ons show up in Step 8? Thanks.

    1. Im having the same problem the skin is not there… Went to more.. The skin is not showing… I’m stuck like chuck any suggestions ? I’m install on the lastest firestick

  96. When I click on the KodiNolimits Zip nothing happens. I get a spinning symbol then the screen stays at the same screen as seen in Step 11

    I’m using Kodi 17.1 RC. Is this blocked now? It’s not my internet as I can’t even open it via 4G.

  97. i installed this build and configured my iptv with stalker all the channels loadup i see at the top left but where do i actually go to watch the cahnnels?

    1. No need tp install magic or ares wizard on this one. It is it’s own wizard. Type it exactly as you see it. It wirks. I installed last night.

    1. My error, actually…you DO go on to install it further down. (You just fooled me by using a computer that ALREADY had Kodi installed…so I was seeing things in YOUR screenshots that weren’t on MINE!) 🙂

  98. i followed the instructions and it looks like it worked but then when you click on movies or tv shows or anything nothing comes up, as if their is no database. (i am using the newest amazon fire tv box)

    1. i have the same problem as you i thought it had worked as well tv movies sport live tv there all there but when i click on them all i get is a black screen with a circle going round can anybody help im not great at this kind of thing so as simple as possible please if you can help thank you in advance

    1. I don’t seem to have the plug in listed around step 12. I select no limits for a second time and it takes me to builds that don’t seem to be installing?

  99. I keep getting the could not retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyways?
    Why am I having problems with this? I have followed the steps exactly and still cannot get it to install.

  100. First time I have used Kodi 17 with this program but it sailed through and is working perfect. No issues whatever…….. Perfect 100%

    1. Need some help. After installing my build, I installed Trakt. It is letting me save shows on Trakt, but I can not find my Trakt. I looked under video and program add-ons and nothing.When I pull up the genres and movies and tv shows, it will not bring up MY MOVIES or MY TV SHOWS, everything else shows up. Any advice?

        1. Same thing, been trying to dig around but no result, I don’t know why Exodus doesn’t have a favorites or watchlist feature

      1. If I remember correctly…. go to add-ons – exodus – tools – accounts – trakt and authorize it. You should find your list in Tv shows – addon list – exodus.

        Hope this helps.

      2. I have been working on this for eight hours it seems to me that I have done step by step but everytime I try to play a movie it will play for a few seconds and then stop I have tried different add-ons and still seem to have the same issue please help thank you in advance

  101. I installed this build on a First Generation Fire TV and it says there was errors with Aeon Nox 5:Silvo and I don’t know what to do to fix this problem

  102. I have issues installing this system on mxIII android box..It appears to crash often & then the main menu bar blacked out on main page..

  103. When I installed my KODI through Retropie, I don’t have the skin that you are using for this install, so a lot of the items aren’t appearing. What skin is this?

      1. I just installed No Limits and now I can’t find the bamf add on I did last night and a few others.
        I am no techie and I have only had my fire stick for a couple of weeks so, it this all new for me.
        Can you help me please?

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