How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots

By | November 23, 2018

How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 1

BK Nox is one of the fastest Kodi Builds from the Stream Digital Wizard. It uses Aeon Nox Silvo Skin and is 298.01MB in size.
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 2
Sections included Movies, TV shows, Ultra HD for 4k Movies, Live Tv, little Ones Sections, Music, Preview, SD Wizard and more.
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 3
It has all the Updated Kodi Addons including Startec AIO, Monster Munch, Nymeria, GearZ,Supremacy, FDJ.HD,Maverick TV, Deceit, Redemption, The Magic Dragon and many more. It will work on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and the Fire TV devices.
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 4
Using a VPN with Kodi is always recommended for privacy and security. Try IPVanish which is Kodi friendly, has no logs, and unlimited bandwidth. has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.

Steps to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots
Step 1) From home screen go to Settings
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 1
Step 2) Click File Manager
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 2
Step 3) Click Add Source
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 3
Step 4) Click None
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 4
Step 5) Enter the following address:
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 5
Step 6) Name it stream digital
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 6
Step 7) The boxes should match the picture below
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 7
Step 8) Go back to Home screen and click add-ons
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 8
Step 9) Click the add-on browser from the top left
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 9
Step 10) Click Install from zip file
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 10
Step 11) A box will open click stream digital
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 11
Step 12) Click
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 12
Step 13) Wait for the top right to popup Stream Digital Wizard Installed
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 13
Step 14) It will pop up a information message click Dismiss
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 14
Step 15) Click Continue
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 15
Step 16) Click Build Menu
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 16
Step 17) Click BK Nox and select a server
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 17
Step 18) Click Fresh Install or Standard Install (Fresh Install is usually bests)
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 18
Step 19) Click Continue
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 19
Step 20) It will download and install
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 20
Step 21) Click Force Close
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 21
Step 22) After it installs restart Kodi and it should come up. Be sure to give it time to build menus and update add-ons.
How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots step 22
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary
If this Build does not work for you here is how to change the Skin back to default Estuary and remove it.
Step 1) From Home Screen go to System
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary bk nox
Step 2) Click Interface Settings
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary bk nox. step 2
Step 3) Click Skin
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary bk nox. step 3
Step 4) Click Estuary
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary bk nox. step 4
Step 5) Click Yes
How to change the Skin back to Default Estuary bk nox. step 5
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62 thoughts on “How to Install BK Nox Kodi Build with Screenshots

  1. Dutchie

    Yesterday I went from BK Nox 19.5 to version 2.0. There was a warning that Aeon Nox Silvo Skin has issues and doesn’t work. Is there a way to install another skin with the same friendly menu options like Aeon Nox Silvo? I am curious how other members of this forum are experience this issue, or maybe the developer could give some suggestions please.

    1. Dutchie

      Is there anyone who would like to comment about the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin issues? ? ?

      1. Dutchie

        There isn’t any response at this forum anymore, so from my point of view it is wasteless to comment or expressing opinions. Therefore I am pretty much done with BK Nox and all the forum members.

  2. Dutchie

    First of all a compliment for the developer with the 19.5 BK Nox update. Lots of new movies too in the past few weeks! There are indeed some issues with streaming, especially in the weekends where probably many members of this forum have to deal with overloaded servers. So the newest movies like “Mission Impossible Fallout 2018” will have buffering issues, which is understandable. However in my opinion its a matter from timing when streaming some content, and the servers. I am very curious if there are more members who would like to share these thoughts? ? ?

    1. Dutchie

      It’s very quiet at this forum, so I’ll guess that everything works perfect with BK Nox? ? ? No complaints, or problems? ? ?
      Again, compliments for the developer and 2 thumbs up………………..

  3. Vlado

    Where’s the STOP button on the screen when you play a video ??? I’ve never seen any stop buttons

  4. burner

    I installed this on Libreelec on a raspberry pi 3+ and can’t see the player controls on any video. If I go to the default skin it’s ok but when I choose Aeon Nox skin I have no player controls visible. They are there because if I click in that area I can get the stop, ff, rew, etc to work. Any ideas?

    1. Rodger

      Same situation here. Also no backgrounds visible on the movie, system, power, sdwizard, documented, music and sports. Only after selecting same single background in de skin setup again, it works.

      Installed it mulitiple times on pi3, pi3+ (on osmc and libre), windows10 laptop, windows10 desktop, android tablets (note 10, tab s2), android phones (s3, s5, s7edge, s9+)

      I only have the problem on Pi3 and Pi3+.
      The buttons seems to be ghosting, because de functions are working if you click on the right place! Looks something like the button pictures not showing up.

      Solution, back to the standard skin/theme. Then the player runs fine with all the buttons in a playing movie/show.

      I did about 50 installations to find this out, i cannot find the real problem behind this. In kodinolimits, the player buttons works fine, even if it is the same kind of aeon nox silvo skin.

      small trick, install osmc (libre , you dont get full functionality from bk nox in libre. like pvr etc), install kodinolimits, install bk nox over this (STANDARD install, do NOT do a fresh install, it removes all the addons then) then select the standard kodi skin. (the skin from bk nox will probably after placing second build)

      now you have all from both worlds! Only use the default kodi skin to make de skin work en get the fastest response. Also remove menus that you are not using will make it a simple system afterwards.

      please if somebody knows the perfect solutions…

      1. Dutchie

        Thank you very much for your valuable information. I am curious if the developer would like to give any comment about the menu bar issue??? However it didn’t occurred with my equipment in the past couple of weeks. Still like the BK Nox much more compared to any other build in the past few years.

        1. Rodger

          update october:
          Installed bk nox 1.9
          Same story again, and even worse!
          bk nox works fine on phones, android, pc’s etc.
          But not on Pi3. Still no control buttons in player osd. (still ghosty, because if you click on the right place….de button function works)
          But now 4k movies/ultra hd wont play correct at all! completely colored/blurred screen, as if signal is disturbed. (on version 1.8 it worked!) and if i wait a couple (instead of hitting “X” to stop playing) of minuts, pi3 is getting stuck en completly shutdown.
          I did around 12 installs to test. from scratch and as a upgrade. nothing helped to find the problem.
          So on Pi3, i move over back to nolimits or durex.

  5. john

    While viewing a movie the controls at the bottom of the screen are blacked out. I can still click there and get the player to stop, pause, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

    1. Dutchie

      I have this issue too from time to time. I have mentioned it already a little bit further at this forum, but unfortunately I haven’t find a solution yet. I did a reinstall from BK Nox ( 1.8) and that solved the problem. I have this issue with the movie addons, the rest is working fine. It has happened with my HiMedia Q10 Pro, MSI mini PC, and my Acer Aspire TC 780 PC. Please lets keep each other updated if there are any changes……..

  6. Dutchie

    Due several issues, Dutchie is back again. Thanks a lot for all the responses at this fantastic site. Here my experiences from the past couple of weeks: – First of all I have experienced the buffering issues with playing movies from most of the movie addons, the rest of the addons (music) are working fine, and streams very fast. With all the equipment I have used is connected with ethernet cable wich gave better results than WiFi. The best results I’ve got with Kodi BK Nox is with my Acer Aspire TC-780 Windows 10 PC, CPU Intel Core i3 6100, 8 GB Ram. Reasonable to low results with a small form factor MSI Windbox DC111 mini PC Windows 10, CPU Intel Celeron, 4 GB Ram. Low to bad results and not responsive HiMedia Q10 Pro, 2 GB Ram. I have used various buffering options via YouTube, forums etc. The Ares wizard gave me good results for just a few days on my PC if using the right configuration. It is very hard to find out the right settings from parameters despite the supporting sites. Furthermore I quit with VPN because it didn’t improve anything. I am very curious if anyone would like to continuing discussing above matters at this valuable, and highly recommended site.

    1. Dutchie

      UPDATE! ! ! Yesterday evening I have tried the advanced settings from BK NOX again and I did have good streaming results with my PC. I turned the slider from “Video Cache Size” to maximum, and the “Buffer Mode” to 1. These settings gave me a few times the best results. Only 1 problem occured several times in the past couple of months. Sometimes at any place in the movie it just stops suddenly and it is isn’t possible to play the file again. I have no idea if this is a matter from the advanced settings, or a trottle from the ISP, or an issue with the server from BK Nox. I do hope on some response from someone who has experienced the same issues. However for as far as now I am very satisfied with BK Nox.

  7. Pam

    hello how do I add an addon to this build as I like to have UStvnow addon, this is first time I have not just added all my own addons but after upgrading to Kodi 17.6 I decided to try a build for the first time. It seems great just missing one of my favourites and wish to add

  8. Wade

    Step 14 never comes up, no pop up to click dismiss. Wish I could have 1.7 back, now I have nothing.

    1. Wade

      Reply to myself, the files or folders for stream digital were there, by exploring I found a maintenance folder or and found where I could choose a server. So I went from step 13 to step 18, all works now.

  9. Dutchie

    I’m very curious about the buffering issues with BK Nox, or actually with the most of Kodi builds, as mentioned a few times in my previous comments. Is there someone with the same issues and is able to share the recommended settings? I’m struggling over almost 2 years and I have changed 1 time to a new ISP and 2 times upgraded the package to fiber optic 100 / 30. Please, please, please! ! !

    1. Dutchie

      With many respect for the developer, because BK Nox is in many ways a very good build, but I feel myself totally ignored at this site. It would be very nice (and polite) if someone respond and try to help each other or share knowledge. Unfortunately nothing…………………………………….

      1. Mike

        Buffering could be a number of issues and usually not related to the builds themselves but addons, internet connection, device and so on, hence the reason it happens to several builds you’ve tried. I would youtube fix buffering kodi and see if you find a solution. also within the wizard you can go to tweaks and fixes to see if that helps

        1. Dutchie

          Thank you very much, and yes indeed I have tried various internal Kodi buffering suggestions from sites and Youtube as well the Ares Wizard with BK Nox. Ares Wizard gives the best results, but it is still very hard to stream 1080p, while 720p will work from time to time. I think Kodi installed in my PC “Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise” will give better results than my HiMedia Q10 Pro. I will keep on experimenting………….

    2. Dutchboy

      Are you working with RealDebrid Dutchie? I think your problem is an stream quality problem. RealDebrid works that out.

      1. Dutchie

        No, I don’t use RealDebrid, I have never registered or went into these addons. Just ordinary streaming 720p and if available 1080p movies from the Angelus addon. Currently I do have surprisingly good experiences with my PC which responding much faster as my HiMedia Q10 Pro. I have disabled the Ares Wizzard (Advanced Settings) because streaming is far more suffering with than without these tweaks. This counts also for the Easy Advanced settings used in BK Nox. I will try to find out the best settings with my HiMedia Q10 Pro and share the outcome in a couple of days.

  10. Andreea

    Tried on 2 different servers and both times right at the end it’s saying “it’s not a zip file” and crashes 😩

    1. Mark Richards

      Try this alternate url “” also try server 3, may be faster.

  11. Ray J

    Just came across this build and I love the layout. Looks mint and we’ll thought out, now let’s hope it stays updated.

  12. Gigi

    By far the best build.. BK No that is!! I was a die hard fan and user of no limits until they stopped updating then I went exploring for a new build and I am blown away by the intelligence that went into this build. Thank you.

  13. Barry Northerford

    Well, just got updated to version 1.8 and it looks fantastic! Much respect

  14. Dutchie

    I also moved from Kodi No Limits to BK Nox and I’m impressed! Is there a way to get a menu bar while watching movies? Now it’s just a black bar without any buttons, and I have to guess approximately where the stop button is or the video/sound and the subtitle icons. With other words I can watch movies, but there is no way to make the icons/menu visible.
    Respectfully, Dutchie

    1. Brenda

      Haven’t had this issue but check the update. Very 1.8 now

      1. Dutchie

        Thank you very much, I’m updating right now but I’ve got just a very low speed (160 kbps). I’m new to this build so I need time to get used to the new menu’s etc. But it looks very good. I would be happy if I can find a solution to the buffering issues which occurred with the previous build. I have discovered some interesting menu’s in this build. Any advice about the correct settings would be very welcome. I use a HiMedia Q10 Pro and have fiber optic Internet 100 download / 30 upload package.

        1. Dutchie

          UPDATE: I have updated to version 1.8 and it’s working fine. I have been checking out about “advanced” settings, and will try step for step to get rid of the annoying buffering issues. It will probably take a while before it streams well. After a restart I’ve got that black bar again without the play, stop and all the other necessary buttons? ? ? How do I get it back?

          1. Brenda

            Hmm that’s weird, does it happen on any addon you use?

          2. Dutchie

            Yes, I have checked various movie addons, and all the same, but since it is very easy to reinstall BK Nox 1.8, which I did, the problem disappeared again. Could you please give me an idea about the best settings to avoid buffering? I’ve tried several things in previous builds and this one but it keeps on buffering. I’m not using VPN for some negative experiences with it.

          3. Dutchie

            I’m very curious about the buffering issues as mentioned a few times in my previous comments. Any ideas? ? ?

          4. Fran

            Hello Dutchie, Am curious if you should be “lucky” enough to find a fix for the dreaded “Buffering, buffering, buffering” issues, I myself am being plagued with would you please post? I’ve never had trouble with buffering issues but do now, though I do love this build! Hats off to the Dev!! Thank you Dutchie

          5. Fran U

            S: Dutchie I have a vpn (Express VPN), and Malwarebytes. In the past those two seemed to work well together however it has no effect at all on this build. I think something else is causing it… I myself am on a gaming pc with Windows 10. Just saying I don’t think a vpn would help your issue anymore then it does mine.

          6. Fran U

            One more comment for you Dutchie. Go to this vid and do the first step, after your restart (don’t go further), check to see if it fixes your buffering, it rectified mine. Another thing I always like to do is read the comments, most of the time you’ll find extra knowledge in the comments. Good luck!

        2. Gigi

          Hey Dutchie. I had issues with my internet not being real fast and I have bought a few different Android boxes and the best and fastest is the Beelink Android box! I am very pleased with the box and it runs so much smoother, great investment. Maybe you could give it a try. I got it off Amazon. Best wishes.

          1. Dutchie

            Thanks for the suggestion. Today I have seen some nice stuff from Beelink from mini PC’s to Android media players. It looks very interesting. I will research a little more before purchasing…………
            Question; could you please tell me which model you have? I’m curious about the specifications.

    2. Gigi

      Way better than no limits. I was a die hard fan of no limits until I discovered BK Nox. Very pleased with the build. Thanks BK Nox.

    1. Robin

      Probably the addons, saw on their page, theres an update coming soon. Yessssss

  15. Tash

    Download is fine but during browse it shoots back out into Android home screen why

  16. Bryon M

    Anyone know how to remove pinsentry? Love the build but don’t need a password 😊

  17. Jimmy

    Cracking build mate, this one and Xenon are best by far. Cheers

  18. Rob

    Just installed this, no issues at all thanks. One request, Urban section???? Pls 😊

  19. Brenda

    Finally a build that actually works!!!!!!! Moved on from no limits to this and it’s freaking fantastic, not a fan of the font but it all works and nicely laid out. Not sure why others arw having rrouble I did have issues with server 1. Tried 2 and 3 and they both worked. Thank you thank you thank you

  20. Mark Payne

    This is slow to download and when it does download nothing works,,a complete waste of time,,been at it an hour now and not one stream works,,total utter rubbish,,,

  21. Tony

    Tried several times to download this 1.7 build get halfway and crashes

  22. abel nas

    can you verify if bk nox is working, attempted to install several times, seems down

  23. Rachael

    I did everything up to step 20 and it said “is not a zip file” help please

  24. jacob

    there is an adult section in this biuld , it asking for a password to add how can i get or find the password ? thanks in advance


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