How to Add a Favourites Section into Exodus KODI

For the past couple of years, the idea of ‘cutting the cord’ and bidding farewell to cable and satellite TV providers has been extremely enticing for many, many people. Streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu make it ridiculously easy to instantly watch any TV show or movie you want.

As wonderful as these services can be, they do have their drawbacks. Netflix is lacking a bit when it comes to network television programs, and Hulu leaves quite a bit to be desired in regards to their movie selection.
If you like the idea of live television programming, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue allow you to stream network television channels via your Internet connection with affordable packages and no service contracts to speak of. But with that said, the monthly charges are still considerably higher than the likes of Netflix and Hulu. But while those services may be more affordable, they often take longer to gain access to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Fear not though, as all hope is not lost.
If you want to eliminate you cable TV, aren’t a fan of the major streaming services, but still want to be able to consume all of the media that your heart desires, look no further than Kodi.
Kodi (formerly known as XMBX) is a free, open source bit of software that’s designed for viewing videos, music, pictures, games, and so much more. In the spirit of its open-source nature, Kodi is available on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. It’s an extremely powerful piece of software, and along with storing and watching your local files, Kodi is capable of downloading third-party add-ons that add even more features to the system.
One such add-on is called ‘Exodus’. Exodus allows you to stream virtually any movie or TV show completely free in Full HD resolution. Some of the most recognizable titles include “Sherlock”, “Better Call Saul”, “Star Wars”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Doctor Who”, and many, many more. Being able to stream all of these movies and TV shows without paying a penny might sound too good to be true, but the glorious truth is that it really is possible. Exodus allows you to connect to your IMDb account, adjust playback settings, turn subtitles on or off, adjust your download settings, among other things. However, adding your favorite TV shows and movies to a special file or playlist isn’t the easiest thing to do. In fact, there is any real obvious way to do it in Exodus, as is the case with other add-ons for Kodi. Having to go in and manually search for your most beloved titles every single time you boot up Exodus can become rather annoying very quickly, so let’s do something about it. Let’s talk about how to add a favorites section to Exodus in Kodi.
For starters, let me make it clear that this article will not cover how to install Exodus. I’ll go along with the assumption that you already have Exodus installed on your Kodi-compatible device and go from there. Ready? Let’s get started:

1. Download the Spoyser Repo zip file. Once downloaded, save said file to an easily accessible location on your Kodi-enabled device.
2. Open Kodi on your device and navigate over towards the SYSTEM tab.
3. From the SYSTEM tab, select Add-Ons.
4. On the next page, select the option called ‘Install from zip file’.
5. After that selection, find the Spoyser Repo zip file you downloaded earlier. After you have recovered the zip file, select ‘’.
6. Once you select the file listed above, wait for the notification saying that your add-on has been enabled.
7. Once you see the notification, you’ll want to select the ‘Install from repository’ or ‘Get Add-Ons’ option on Helix.
8. Following this, choose the option that says ‘spoysers XMBC Add-ons’.
9. On the next page, navigate to and click ‘Program add-ons”.
10. From here, select the ‘Super Favourites’ option.
11. After the pop-up appears, select ‘Install’.
12. Similar to earlier before, wait for the notification to appear telling you that your add-on has been enabled.
13. You have now successfully installed Super Favourites to your Kodi device!
With Super Favourites now installed on your Kodi-enabled device, you are able to add all of your favorite movies and TV shows from Exodus into one convenient folder. Gone are the days of having to search for “The Office” or “Futurama” every single time to you want to sit down and watch a few episodes. All you have to do now is navigate over towards your new favorites folder and start watching instantly! However, while we did focus on adding a favorites section for Exodus in this article, don’t limit the power of Super Favourities to just that one add-on. Super Favourites can be used with any local files and virtually any add-on for your Kodi device. The way Super Favourites works, all of your most prized movies, TV shows, pictures, music, etc. are placed in categorized sub-folders. Once these sub-folders are created, you’re allowed to create your own custom add-on that contains only the very best contain from your favorite local files or Kodi add-ons. The idea of Super Favourites is actually quite simple, but if you take some time to set it up and get things organized the way you want, it can turn into a very powerful bit of software.
When compared to Netflix, Hulu, and Sling TV, the process of downloading and using Kodi and all of its endless add-ons can seem like a very daunting task. However, it really isn’t all that difficult when you take your time and don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options you have available to you. Exodus and Super Favourities are prime examples of how two add-ons can be used in conjunction to create even more awesomeness than their developers had originally intended. Kodi is filled with even more add-ons like the ones we talked about today, and I hope this tutorial has helped you with your Kodi experience.



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