Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons 2018

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Kodi is mainly used for movies and TV shows streams but can also be used for many other things such as workout and fitness. There are several add-ons that are good for fitness videos and programs.
Below is a list of the best fitness and workout Addons that can help you get in shape.
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Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons
… Placenta
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons Placenta
Placenta is a very popular Addon from Blamo Repo and has great a section for fitness workouts located from the main menu. It contains Videos / Playlists are Stretching, Targeted Workouts, Fitness Channels, Yoga Channels and trainer workout collections.
How to Install Placenta Kodi Add-on
… Dothraki
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons Dorothaki
Dothraki is also a Kodi add-on that offers a lot including Men’s and Women fitness sections. In women’s fitness sections offer 21 Day Fix, Zumba, Country Heat, Turbo Fire, Slim 6m Legs Burns/Turns, YouTube Fitness/channels and women Fitness Extra.
How to Install Dothraki Kodi Add-on
… Mystique
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons Mystique
Mystique is a new Kodi Add-on from Juggernaut Repository. You can watch playlists and videos some techniques or motivation and inspiration videos. Sections include Extremes Woman’s Workouts, Fitness Angel, Butt Activation, Monsters legs/ Buttocks, Extreme Muscle Body, Extreme Shredded ABS, Most Beautiful Street Workout Girl and much more.
How to Install Mystique
… Enzo
best fitness kodi addon Enzo pic 1
Enzo is a great source for fitness videos. You can watch palylists / videos such as Body Groove Fitness Videos, Jenny Craig Fitness Videos, Abs Workouts, Melisa Bender Fitness Videos, HILT Workouts Vidoes, Motivational Fitness Videos and many more.
best fitness kodi addon Enzo pic 2
How to Install Enzo Kodi Add-on
… Fire Fitness
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons 2017 pic 1
Fire Fitness is a great add-on for workouts by Fire TV Guru Repository. If you need change, physical change, here’s a way to start. Do some home workouts if you can’t go to the gym. This add-on has many videos including Fight Master Yoga, Yoga with Adriene, Workout Videos, Global fitness Network, Zumba Fitness and more.
Screenshots Fire Fitness
screnshots Fire Fitness pic 1
How to Install Fire Fitness Kodi Add-on
…Merlin Fitness
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons 2017 pic 1
Merlin Fitness is a great add-on for workout. Stay fit with this great add-on for kodi. Many workout programs, tutorials, motivation and guides from Zumba Fitness, Woman Workout, Total Fitness Zukka Lite, Tone it Up and many more.
How to Install Merlin fitness Add-on Kodi 17 Krypton
… Pulse Fitness
best fitness Pulse Pic
Pulse Fitness is a great kodi add-on that keep you fit and in good health with great HD content and excellent streaming.
How to Install Pulse Fitness
… Pulse Workout
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-on pic 1
Pulse Workout Add-on is all about fitness, weight lifting, zumba, diet tips, yoga and many more collections. It also has instructional and motivation help that will definitely get you in good shape and live healthier life.
How To Install Pulse Workout
… Physicality
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-on pic 2
Physicality fitness Workout will help you stay fit with this great Kodi add-on. It has many workout programs, tutorials, motivation and guides for Gymra, diet health, Tones it Up, Body Rock and Steady Health.
How To Install Physicality
…UK Turk Playlists
Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons pic 5
UK Turk Playlists is another all around add-on that has a fitness section. It is a nice one-click add-on that contains movies, drama, shows, sports, fitness, turkish movies, documentaries, stand up comedy, concerts, cartoons, favorites section and Radio.
How to install UK Turk Playlsits Add-on



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  1. HI I have an amazon fire stick with terrarium tv. The insanity and P90x3 is visable but nothing’s there to download. Please could someone give me some information how to get them along with the other beach body programs. Thanks T

  2. Iv got uk turk playlists and have found the insanity but it keeps coming up as stream unavailable is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

  3. I’m trying to find the add on that has PiYo by beachbidy. I’ve found Insanity and P90X, but I have them. Do you know how to find which addon would have the PiYo ? Also, I need to clear my Cache it’s more than 50%. Would I do that from the home screen?
    Thank you very much!!

    1. Can someone walk me through on how to get any of the beach body programs or add ons? I’m completely new to this. Thanks!!!!

  4. i am new to firestick..i love it but want to know if fitness programs are on it? i keep seeing things for adding it but are existing fitness programs on it?

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