Best Kodi Builds For the Fire TV Stick 2018

Best Kodi Builds For the Fire TV Stick 2017 pic 1
A good Kodi Build can convert a standard Kodi install into a nice layout along with add-ons setup ready to go.
This makes Builds a popular option to setup Kodi including on the Fire TV Stick.
There are many Builds available with some setup specifically to use with the Fire Stick.
Below is some good options along with screenshots and guides to install them.
It is always a good idea to install any Build on a new Kodi install to help prevent any conflicts or potential problems.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs. has No affiliation with Kodi, any Addons, Repos, or Builds. does not support or condone copyright infringement. Kodi should only be used with content that is owned or is in the public domain.

Best Kodi Builds For Fire TV Stick 2018
… Simple Light Firestick Edition
best android phones kodi build Simple build light pic 1
Simple Build light Firestick is very light Build and it is great to have for any Kodi device but mainly for Fire TV Sticks.
While mainly built to install to a Fire TV it can also be used on any other Kodi hardware and is a nice small light weight Build.
It has all the top most popular Add-ons including Project M, Neptune Rising, Empire, Now Music, Ares Fitness, Falcon Project, Rising Tides, Maverick TV, Globe TV, Pulse Workout, Trident, Oculus, Placenta and more.
Screenshots Simple Build light Firestick
best android phones kodi build Simple build light pic 2
best android phones kodi build Simple build light pic 3
… Nova
How to Install Nova Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 2
Nova is a brand new Kodi Build from Simple Wizard which is similar to the old once popular Pulse CCM Kodi Build.
Since Pulse CCM is no longer available Nova is a good replacement that is updated regularly.
It uses the Xonfluence Skin and settings for a nice clean simple layout.
Nova is great Build for the Fire TV Stick and comes with all the best current addons.
Sections include Fitness, Movies, TV shows, Music, All Apps, Kid Zone and Live TV.
Nova Build Screenshots
How to Install Nova Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 3
How to Install Nova Kodi Build with Screenshots pic 4
… Diggz
Best Fire TV Stick Build Diggz Fire pic 1
Diggz Build is a great Kodi Build that can be installed onto small device such as Fire Stick. It is easy to navigate and includes some of the most popular add-ons, and also popular APK’s such Terrarium TV and Modboro.
Screenshots Digzz Build
Best Fire TV Stick Build Diggz Fire pic 2
Best Fire TV Stick Build Diggz Fire pic 3
Best Fire TV Stick Build Diggz Fire pic 4
Read Here for How to Install Digzz
… Spinz TV Fury
Best Fire TV Stick Build Spinz TV Fury pic 1
Spinz TV Furry Build is another great option, which is light, and performs really well with low-end devices such as the Fire TV Stick.
Screenshots Spinz TV Fury
Best Fire TV Stick Build Spinz TV Fury pic 2
Best Fire TV Stick Build Spinz TV Fury pic 3
Best Fire TV Stick Build Spinz TV Fury pic 4
How to Install Spinz TV Fury
… No Limits Magic
Best Kodi Builds For Fire TV Stick 2017 pic 6
No Limits Magic is a notorious Build packed full of add-ons with everything from live TV and sports, to movies TV shows & kids section.
There is a Fire TV Stick version called No Limits Magic Firestick Lite that works great with Fire Stick.
It is a very popular option and a go to Build for many.
Screenshots No Limits Magic
screen shots No limits Magic pic 1
screen shots No limits Magic pic 2
screen shots No limits Magic pic 3
How to Install No limits Magic
… One Alliance Build
Best Kodi Builds For the Fire TV Stick 2017 pic 2
The One Alliance Kodi Build is a great option to have on any Android device including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is a great Build for Kodi 17.6 and the Fire Stick that has been updated with all of the working add-ons. It has a lot of sections from movies and TV shows to sports and fitness.
Screenshots One Alliance Build
screenshots one alliance pic 1
screenshots one alliance pic 2
screenshots one alliance pic 3
How to Install One Alliance Build
… Shepo Build
Best Kodi Builds For Fire TV Stick 2017 pic 3
Shepo Build for Kodi 17.6 Krypton is also a very nice Build. If you have a Fire Stick and want the very best Kodi build with all the best add-ons with movies, TV Shows, Live TV, PPV, Kids programming, Music and more try it out. This is definitely a nice Build to have and has got everything needed for a good Kodi setup.
Screenshots Shepo Build
Screenshots Shepo Build pic 1
Screenshots Shepo Build pic 2
Screenshots Shepo Build pic 3
Read Here for How to Install Shepo
…Durex Build
Best Kodi Builds For Fire TV Stick 2017 pic 4
Durex Build is currently one of the most downloaded Builds for the Fire Stick and Krypton.
It has a simple design with smooth font and great backgrounds. It has a section for paid IPTV services, add-ons, sports, favorites, kids, TV Guide, TV shows and more. This build works on any of your devices inclding the new Amazon Fire TV Stick.
Screenshots Durex Build
screenshots durex pic 1
screenshots durex pic 2
screenshots durex pic 3
How to Install Durex



13 thoughts on “Best Kodi Builds For the Fire TV Stick 2018”

  1. Durex great build super fast only things are either no movie but the minutes or rolling ,and nothing in English.PLEASE HELP!!! DESPERATELY TRYING TO FIND A GOOD KODI BUILD BEFORE I JUST GIVE UP ON KODI.

  2. Its Feb 7th 2018, im 54, ive always had cable or direct tv, im a Firestick virgin, ive heard so many things about the firestick but then i get confused with all the terminology, My question is, what do i have to do or get to have a fully loaded Firestick with movies, shows, pay per views, boxing, nfl network, adult movies, things like that, i want the full meal deal, someone please direct me on this. PLEASE HELP ME, T I A, direct , ggarzajr361 at , im 150% for real, from Texas😎 help

  3. On mine, I had no trouble with no limits on Krypton 17.4 from my house. I also have 110Mbps internet speed. But trying to do it for other people, from a different place, yes I’m having issues as well. When it gets to programs no limits 2.9, wizard error keeps popping up. I’ve even dropped back down to Krypton 17.3 and have the same results. Had to go with different build. Spinz didn’t work either.

    1. Nothing to do with your Internet speed lol, pretty sure you should/could have worked that out yourself! The facts are, Metalkettle, or at least the guy behind “it”. Has had a lot of pressure put on him by the police and such, as such he is lying low for a while, which means, his stuff has been removed from kodi. You may think that one person couldn’t have that much influence on kodi, but nothing could be further from the truth. Virtually every build ever used on “kodi” has had direct influence from metalkettle (fact), every search engine you ever used, yup…..metalkettle. Unfortunately the great guys genius has now become our downfall. Because there are so many idiots, (you included with the other millions of morons) that couldn’t keep a lid on it. He has stopped doing what he does best (for now at least). So, all his programs…..gone, Ares wizard and many many more….gone. Maybe for good. There are still wizards available, but if you want to keep kodi, learn to code…..simple as that, make your own wizards, stop relying on others.
      Whinge if you wish, or be smart…..not really a choice if you want great kodi. It is in your hands now.

      1. I agree. I just starting researching once a lot of the apps stopped working. Having a little programming knowledge, (not much) I was able to research and NOT download others builds.

        I chose a simple interface/skin for kodi, I like Aeon Nox without all the heavy background images and graphics which slow it down anyway. One by one I installed not the builds but the apps and finding out what video sources, resolvers, etc they use, made notes of the ones that currently worked and those that didn’t. I downloaded and kept the the parts that worked repeatedly checking them and put them together on my own ftv stick.

        I backed up my build on my laptop using jocala adblink utility, although it can be slow restoring it is easy and straight forward to use with no 3rd party or cloud storage things. “”

        Now whenever something stops working before I install I use my laptop to check if repository is up before I waste time typing into the ftv stick, if it is I DL it and install it, then check it’s components (tedious) and keep the working items and trash the rest. I guess it can be called a custom build although I haven’t yet taken the step to make my own app to replace all those genesis reborn, exodus, poseiden, etc. builds with my own. All they do is create their own menues using the movie resolvers, movie info databases, etc. which most of them use the same (not all) and once I do that I can have one lean clean build of my own but for now my firetv stick I have genesis reborn, poseiden, exodus, covenant (new one), salts, and quite a few other installed and accessible though my interface and it isn’t a slow ftv stick. I customized the menu wish that was easier to do for sports, live tv, kids, adult, learning, exercise, movies, tv shows, music, etc. sections like that using the many different apps resolvers for submenu items. That is tedious and I really am thinking about making my own app/addon from scratch.

  4. H
    New to orroo and began saving. Workable links to favorites but I cannot find the location of favorites..I am not referring to sperfavorites..want to give the stick to my dad who is 90..anybody help

  5. Tried to install no limits through the stick. It enables and downloads etc. But when I force close and reopen kodi. There’s nothing 😑

        1. I am having the same issue. The Aeon Nox Silvo Skin is what is preventing me from getting the MENU I had before so I can navigate to the Bennu add-on. With the Aeon Nox SIlvo skin the way it’s set now I have to reset my Fire TV Stick and start all over. The version of Kodi No Limits Magic videos on Youtube don’e explain how to get to the starting point to change the name of the Skin to allow add ons. Any help would be appreciated

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