Best New and Updated Working Kodi Addons List

Best New and Updated Working Kodi Addons List
Kodi Addons can work very good one day and the next not at all.
Since Addons come and go quickly here we list the top best working Kodi Addons and keep it up-to date.
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is much like an App to a smartphone expanding it ablities.
There are many available from sports and music to video Addons.
Sometimes also called plugins most are coded by 3rd party developers and are not apart of the official Kodi media center.
Kodi does have official Addon but the most popular are coded by third party Devs.
Below are the current best working Addons split into categories, along with links for how to install them.
Best Movie TV Show Addons
Nole Cinema
Nole Cinema is a new Kodi Add-on from Rings Saturn Repository. It has sections for Actions, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Marvel Universe, Sports, Romance, Sci-Fi, War and Boxsets Collection. The add-on will allow you to streams 720p, 1080p, search links and it is also one click play.
Back in Time
Back in time is a Kodi Add-on from Bamf Add-on Repository. It has sections for Favorites, Movies, Mega live UK/USA, New Releases, 2018 Movies, Best Movie Ever, Family Time Movies, 24/7 Tv shows, Car Share, Crime Documentaries, TV classics and 100 Worlds cup goals Russia 2018.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan is a brand new Kodi Add-ons that contains TV shows, Films, Sports, Kids Shows, Music, Search Trakt, Search TMDB and more.
Movie Theater Butter Add-on Select link
Movie Theater Butter Select Link is great Kodi Add-on from Diamond Wizard Repository. It allows you to select link from 1080p, 720p and SD quality. It has also great sections for Documentaries, Kids Corner, Fitness Zone, Legend of Music, Kings of Horror, Kungfu, Urban, Podcasts, Tools and Search.
Exodus is currently the most popular Kodi add-on and streams TV shows and movies. This addon can be installed through KODIBAE Repository.
Zanni is a New Kodi fork add-on of from 13 Clowns Repository that offers you to watch all Movies and TV Shows from multiple sources on Kodi. Sections include Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Tool sand Search.
Tempest a brand new fork Kodi Add-on with movies and tv shows that you will love. It has also sections for New Movies, New Episodes, tools and search.
Nymeria is a new Kodi Add-on from Ezzermacs Wizard Repository. It contains news/update, Movies, Tv shows, Documentaries, Nymeria Top 50 80s Movies(one click play), Search, Kids Zone and more.
Exodus Redux
Exodus redux with lambda scapers is brand new Kodi fork add-on for Movies and TV shows.
Eyeasses Reloaded
The Eyeasses Reloaded is a great new addon that has some nice section and features that you will enjoy from Live TV, Tv shows and movies.
T2K 1 Click Movie
T2K 1 Click Movie is a brand new Kodi Add-on from T2K Repository. This add-on has sections for 1 Click Movies and Pair Openload. It is great for watching your favorite movies from latest to newest with HD quality.
NightCrawler is a brand new fork Kodi Add-on from JewRepo Repository. It has sections for Movies, TV shows, My Movies, My Tv shows, New Episodes, Her Soaps, User Lists, More Stuff, Search EM and Tools.
CoolTVSeries is new Kodi Add-on from JewRepo Repository. This add-on has section for Popular shows, New Episodes, New shows, Movies by Alphabetically, By Categories, Search and Settings.
This Add-on is a collaboration that brings together the following add-ons including WOW, M.E.T.V, DNA and Expose from Ukodi1 epository.
Apocalypse is a new all-in-one Addon from Hellhounds Repository.It combines three popular Addons MummRa, Anubis, and Cheetara in one place.
Marvel is a great Kodi addon that has all your marvel & DC comics movies and tv shows.
Falcon Reborn
Falcon Reborn is a new Kodi add-on released By Ajbuilds Repository. It has sections for Ultra Tv, Movies/Tv shows, Sports, Marvel vz Dc, kids club, Documentary, Trakt 80s and many more.
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is one of the most popular add-ons for Kodi, used for streaming TV shows, movies, sports and more.
Magic Dragon
The Magic Dragon is a most popular Kodi Add-on from the Supremacy Repository. This great kodi addon offers a big selection of content like Movies 4K / 3D / HD / New Releases, Tv Shows, Kids, Music, Documentaries, Sports and a lot more.
It provides access for movies and TV shows. You will also find categories for live TV, documentaries, kids movies, and much more.
This addon is new and provide a lot of one click play movies and TV shows. It delivers a wide variety of content and the streams are HD play.
Redemption is an All-In-One Kodi Add-on which is full of mixed content. Sections included Redemption Movies A-Z, New releases, 4k Movies, 3D Movies, TV shows Boxsets and Redemptions Fight Replays.
Best Sports Addons
JoyRide is a new Kodi Add-on from Supremacy Repository. It has all the best Action, Highlights and replays from the Extreme Racing World including Monster Trucks, Mountain Biking and even Ocean Racing. It has also section for fox sports racing, Super cars, Adventure movies and Xtreme Movies.
Joker Sports
Joker Sports is a new Kodi Add-on from Maverick TV Reposiotry. It has sections for Sports IPTV, BT, 3pm Kick off/live Footy. Sports Channel Extra, Live Sports Channel, Pac 12, Jen Sports, Mama HD Sports, Official Highlights and Footy Fan Zone.
Just Sports
Just Sports is a brand new kodi add-on from Ukodi1 Repository. Sections included Just Sports channel one click, Channel Multilink, Just Game Center, Just sports Replay.
Replay R Us
Replay’s R Us is a brand new sports Kodi add-on from Gentec Repository. It has sections for Wrestling, Football, Rugby, Golf, Boxing, Bellator, Darts, Moto GP, WRC World Rally Championships, 9 Ball Pool, SuperCross, Tennis, Horse racing, Cricket, Karate, Mixed Replays and Power Weight Lifting.
Adriana Sports
Adriana Sport is a brand new sports Kodi add-ons from ZadarHr Repository. You can watch all Live Sport Event such as UFC, NBA, Formula, Soccer, Football, Hockey and much more.
Read Here for All Kodi Sports Add-on
Best Live TV Addons
Adriana SVIJET
Adriana SVIJET is a new Live IPTV Kodi Add-on can be installed through ZadarHr Repository. Section included Bigg Boss 12, Sports TV, Religious TV, Kids TV, USA TV, UK TV and worldwide TV channel including Indian TV, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Turkish, Philippines, Romania, Greek and Thailand.
Deceit is a brand new all in one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository. It has sections for Latest Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Listers, 24/7 Streams, Click To Pair, clear cache , Search and Settings.
Startec Mobdro
Startec Mobdro is a new Live TV Kodi Add-on from Gentec Repository. It has sections for Movies,Channels, News, shows, Sport and Music.
T2K Mobdoro
T2K Modboro is a Kodi Add-on that you can stream Movies, TV, Shows, Live Sports, and IPTV Channels.
Read Here For All Kodi Live TV Add-on
Best 4K Movie TV Show Kodi Addons
World is a brand new all in one Kodi Add-on from Ukodi1 Repository. This add-on has sections for Movies, TV shows,24/7 Music, Movie Collections, Sports, Kids, Lifestyle and Settings. In movies section included 4K Movies, BNW Movies, Boxsets, Genres, New Releases (one click), Years and most popular.
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is a great add-on from Maverick TV Repository. It has huge selection of 4K UHD, New Movies, New Movies Direct Links, Live Tv, Catch Up Tv, Sports, Latest Tv shows, latest direct links, 24/7 Movies/Tv Shows, top 250 Movies/Tv shows, Trakt Movies/Tv lists, IMDB Top Rated Movie Lists, Movies by Genres, Kids Movie Boxsets, Documentaries, The Comedians, Live Music Tv, WorldWide CCTV,Jukebox and Maverick Tool Box.
Supremacy is a great Kodi add-on that has a lot of content and contains Sky Movies, Supremacy Movie Search, 3d Films, 4K Movies, Live TV, Supremacy Add-on free IPTV, Kids TV, New Releases, TV Shows, Movies, Sport, Live Sport, Real Debrid Movies, Plex Scraper, Documentaries, and many more. It is also is one click movie add-on.
Aspis is a brand new Kodi Add-on from Supremacy Repository. It has sections for 24/7, 3D Movies, 4K Movies, Boxset Movies, Catch Up TV, Documentaries, Kids Movies, Live TV, Music, Networks, Sports, TVs hows, Trakt and Settings.
Monster Munch
Monster Munch is a brand new Kodi Addon by Steptoes Repository. It has sections for new movies, Horror Movies, Family Movies, Movie Mix, Vintage Movies, Disney Movies, Tube Movies, TV shows, 24/7 Channels, World TV, World Cams, You Tube News channels, Fitness, Documentary, Boxing/UFC, Radio stations, cartoons, Tube Sports and Tube Music.
Skynet plugin is a brand new Kodi add-on from MaverickTV Repository. It has 24/7 Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, Kids, Music and Live TV. You can watch all HD, 3D and 4K Movies through this Add-on. It also offers you to watch Maverick TV Box sets and Maverick New Releases. So overall it is a great Add-on with a lot of content to offer.
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Best Kids Add-ons for Cartoons and Anime Kodi Addons
Kids Nation
Kids Nation is a great add-on for Kids from Tantrum.Tv Repository. There are many TV shows for kids that they can watch including Bob the Builder, The Barin Scoop, Cailou, Kids TV, Little Baby Bum, PBS Kids, LBB Junior, Mother Goose Club and many more.
I am Groot
I am Groot is a new Kodi add-on that can be installed through Venom Repository. Sections included Kids Movies, Kid Tube, Thundercats, Transformers, G.I Joe, Voltron, He Man, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, Anime and Best 50 Anime.
Kiddo is a new Kodi kids add-on from Cellar Door TV Repository. This add-on has section for Kids Movies, Classics, SuperHero Movies, Superhero Catoons, Retro cartoons, Kids 4K Movies, kids 3D Movies, Kids Boxsets, and Kids learning TV.
Bratz is a brand new kids Kodi Add-on from Star-Tec Repository. It has sections for Movie search, Tv search, Boxsets, Kiddie Tv, Teen Tv shows, Retro TV, Audio Books and Nursery.
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Best Music Addons
Totally is a brand new music Add-on from Supremacy Repository. All the music lovers should have this awesome add-on, great video & audio quality music videos of all the major music genres. It has great section for Now Music UK, Music US Collections and Music Various Albums.
DreamZBeats is kodi music video Add-on that can be installed through Rockcrusher Repository. It has big selections including Armada Music, Bass Nation, Blazed Music, Boss Betas, Chill Nation, Club Music, DrDreVevo, Dreamlife Beats, Wave Music, World Dance Music, VevoUK, TrapMusic HDTV and many more.
GenieTV Music
Genie Music is a new Kodi add-on from GenieTV Repository. It has section for Music Library, Music Search, Music Vids, DJing Music Channels, Lyrics, Radio, Maintenance and Change log.
Now Music USA
Now Music USA is a great source of music videos in Kodi from the Pulse Repository. This add-on has 62 music albums available which is really a great collection. So if you are a video music fan this is one add-on you will no-doubt like to have.
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Best Fitness Addons
Health and Fitness
Health and fitness is a great kodi add-on for workout from Grindhouse Repository. Sections included workout’s for men, women’s workout, Motivation & inspiration, fun workouts, lowcarb, weight watchers, Myfitness pal and randoms diet.
Extreme fitness
Extreme Fitness is a new Kodi Add-on from Geektvpr Repository. This add-on has sections For Diet Programs/Meal Plans/Recipe/Health, Diabetes Cure, The Keto Way, Low carb Diet, Intermitent Fasting, Tasty, Vegetarian, General Fitness Videos, Targetted workout Vidoes, Fitness Channels, Fitness Blender Channel, BeFit Channel, PopSugar Fitness Channel, Kino Yoga, Tone It Up Channels and more.
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Best Kodi 18 Leia Addons
Neptune Rising
Best Xbox One Addons
Fantastic is a Fork of the popular Covenant Exodus addons. It plays movies and TV shows and has the same layout as the Covenant Exodus addons.

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